AIPMT 2016: Strategies and Tips for success

The All Indian Pre Medical/Dental Test is one of the toughest competitive exams in the country. If you are aspiring for a medical profession, chances are you are already geared up for AIPMT 2016. Considered to be one of the hardest entrance exams to crack, the syllabus is pretty vast and in-depth for AIPMT. Thus, only hard work is not enough here. To crack AIPMT, you’ll need to work smart as well.

Here are some useful strategies and tips that’ll surely give you an edge in the cut throat competition.


Of course preparations are going on in full throttle; but make sure that you are doing it right! Here are some tips that can help you nab it.

• Before you start preparing, make sure to know the syllabus well. You can get the full syllabus from the AIPMT official website. This way you’ll not be leaving out any important topic.
• Choose your resources well. Apart from the text books of 11th and 12th standards, you’ll good reference books and study materials to help your preparations. You may take your teachers’ help in the matter. You can also get loads of study material online.
• Prepare a study schedule. While doing so, make sure to give enough attention or time to all the subjects. However, take you personal weaknesses and strengths into consideration too. For example, you may give more time to a subject in which you are not strong enough.
• Stick to your study schedule. While preparing for a competitive exam, many students crate impractically rigid study schedules, only to desert them later. Make your schedule flexible to accommodate emergencies, relax time etc; but make sure to stick to it to the end.
• It is essential not to overlook any chapter or topic. AIPMT features MCQ questions that may come from any part of the syllabus. Be safe, don’t miss out on any topic at all.
• If you are studying from your text book, prepare a note book with bullet points on every chapter. On one hand it’ll help you remember the important points better, on the other hand you’ll be able to glance over the most significant points without going through the entire chapter.
• Get enough rest. You may be tempted to study a few extra hours, but lack of sleep is more hampering than you can understand. Humans brains tend to slow down when exhausted. Thus, the extra hours you are putting in will only slow down your brain and deter knowledge accumulation.
• Track your progress regularly by taking mock testes. You can enroll in a coaching class for that or can use any free online resource to take the tests. Make sure to mark yourself and keep track of your progress.
• Solve the previous years’ question papers. By solving these question papers you’ll get familiarized with the question patters of AIPMT.
• Do not start any topic in last minute. If you have avoided or missed out on a topic or chapter, starting that a day before the exam won’t be of any help.

Psychological Preparation

No matter how well prepared you are, there is always some amount of psychological pressure associated with competitive examinations. Here are some tips to tackle those pangs of anxiety.
• Get enough sleep. Mind gets agitated and sluggish when it is deprived of enough rest. So, make sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, to retain a cool head.
• Take out time for recreational activities. Of course you have to study hard, but that does not mean not have any fun time. Set out some time for activities you love to do, or simply spend some time with friends to ease your mind.
• Practice meditation. Meditation not only sooths agitated mind, but also improves concentration and makes you more attentive.

During the exam

AIPMT 2016 is 180 minutes examination. During this allotted time you have to answer 200 marks worth of questions. Here is how you can make the best use of your exam hall time.
• Do not linger on the questions you do not know.
• Do not answer if you are not sure. AIPMT has negative marking system, so guesses are of no use here.
• Try to finish the answers before time. Always review the entire paper before submitting it to the invigilator.
So, these are the tips that’ll get you through AIPMT this year. Make sure to adhere to them to ensure success.

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