Best Free SEO Optimized WordPress Themes 2024 A Must See List

The WordPress themes are all unique in their specific way. Most themes offer free starter templates, so you can easily import them into your website with one click. They also offer various customization features to help you with your specific website needs. These themes are well coded and held by the coding standards to ensure your site is optimized and runs great. They all work with major page builders like Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg and Brizzy. You can find these themes on the website a seo toronto agencies website. Although you need to keep in mind a lot of themes are free, they all come with a pro version. So let’s see the top ten free SEO optimized WordPress themes.

10. Zakra WordPress Theme

Zakra is a very standard WordPress theme that comes with just enough features to get your website up and to run. It offers various container styles that you can customize for each specific page. Zakra offers simple features like adding a secondary menu and just some different styling options for your header. It also comes with some different layouts for woocommerce and your single product. Overall, Zakra is a decent WordPress theme that can get the job done.


9. Zeta

Zeta is one of the few WordPress themes that offer something unique in the theme customizer. Zeta offers seven different style headers with options to add buttons or icons to your header. A cool feature is having the logo vertical, which gives it a cool creative look. You can assign the transparent menu and have it on specific free version pages.

8. OceanWP

OceanWP is the second most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress repository. The available options are packed with different page layouts, different container sizes, styling options for page titles, scroll to top buttons, and contact forms that you can customize. You can also have different page layouts for each specific page. OceanWP options have many customization style options, but it does lock a footer builder, which is disappointing figuring out how long they have been around.

7. Phlox

Phlox is probably one of the best-designed WordPress themes on this list. It’s clean, the options are really easy to understand, and the templates look great. What’s unique about the phlox theme is the design options. You can choose from different page animations, enable preloaders and put your logo as the preloader image. There is also a progress bar that you can change and customize and change the colours. The phlox theme is great for all page builders and offers different layouts, post layouts, and different layouts for your woocommerce products. The only drawback is that they do not offer a header and a footer builder.

6. Astra

The Astra theme is the number one most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress repository. The Astra theme is best known for its amazing starter templates. It comes with 100 free starter templates and more than 250 starter templates in its pro version. You can change the page layout for each page and have different styling options for transparent menus. Most people use Astra templet for starter templates.

5. Deep

The deep theme starts with a setup wizard to import six nice starter websites. Deep has the most advanced header and footer system than the other header and footer builders. You can style each element with tons of customization features; you can also customize the header for each specific device and have a custom header for your sticky menu.


If you are using Gutenburg, this is the theme for you. CosmosWP theme is the newest yet most powerful theme for Gutenberg. It offers a custom header and footer builder that works great. You can drag an element into the header and fully design them easily. Additional options like different style borders and box options also come in very handy. You can use this theme for all major page builders, and it is quite simple to use and gives you a ton of customization options over the header elements.

3. Suki

What’s unique about Suki is that you can customize the size of each specific element in the header, and you can also build different headers for various devices. Suki allows the most customization options for a header. The only drawback is if you want to change the colour or add a transparent menu, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version, but that is necessarily a bad thing. Suki also has dynamic page setting options for the 404 post and post archive pages.

2. Neve

The Neve theme is overall a great wordpress theme. The free version comes with 100 free starter templates and a header and footer builder. The header and footer builder is pretty standard and works great. You can add elements in the menu and drag them around, you can also shrink them and add more elements within a cool section. Plus, they give you a few starter templates to give you inspiration for your header.

1. Blocksy

The Blocksy theme offers the most features for free themes on this entire list. First, the theme customizer looks great, it categorizes each section to make things easier, plus it offers a light scheme and a dark scheme. The header and footer options are incredible. Blocksy offers an amazing built-in theme builder. You can have a custom header and footer for each specific page; you can have a transparent menu and design it for each specific page, which many themes don’t offer.


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