Features of Virtual Board Meetings

When asking why you should use a board portal, we will ask a counter-question: Do you want to boost your business by applying the best techs available for the time being to it? You may have doubts about its effectiveness since many people confuse this software with other less functional programs.

To dispel any doubts and clear up all possible confusions, we invite you to join this little investigation of virtual boardroom software https://boardsoftware.net/board-portal/. You can also go to the main site to get more info about this software. Here, our starting point will be its definition.

What Exactly is a Board Portal and Why Bother with It?

You may come across numerous names for this soft: a board portal, paperless meeting software, virtual meeting equipment, etc. No matter what one calls it, this soft represents an innovative set of instruments the main purpose of which is to ensure online business meetings from the preparatory stage up to the closing exercises.

You may think of another video conferencing tool; however, this idea is incorrect. Boardrooms have this option as well, but there will be others, as well. What benefits will it bring to your company? Let’s sort out the main advantages you can have:

  1. Security: The Highest Level

When you have to carry out a meeting on the Internet, a question of safety arises. This is especially true when it involves sharing sensitive data not only with the c-suite members but also with other employees or partners-to-be. This all requires the highest standards of protection equipment and board room software does use it.

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  1. Functionality

The software we are reviewing comprises many tools built-in to let you conduct all the necessary operations during your meetings. So, you will be able to work with all types of documentation, make proposals, vote, generate board meeting minutes, etc. All this may become an ordinary routine for your company since you can have or create yourself ready-to-use meeting templates. Surely, this will raise your corporate governance to the upper level.

  1. Adaptability

When you purchase a boardroom, you do not get something that will suit any other organization. instead, you get the very software your business needs. You can ideally adapt it to your governance strategy and even improve it.

  1. Reliability

It’s a good thing when you do not have to gather paper documents, print them, convert them with side programs. However, you may doubt whether it is a good idea to store your papers online? Although you can not feel safe with other software like cloud storage or file-sharing programs, your virtual boardroom will be much safer. Here, powerful storage servers of Tier 1 are employed to ensure the intactness of your data.

  1. Usability

After reading all this, you may think that such powerful equipment would be too hard to understand and to maintain. And it is not the case again. The key benefit of board portals is that they can be easily managed. You won’t need to install any extra programs. You will be able to do all the necessary activities just on your screen. This is true for mobile devices, too.

Add to this the fact that you and other directors won’t need to travel to the office anymore – instead, every participant will be able to join the meeting from whatever place they want. It’s a great ability to have in our times, isn’t it? So, using this software is sure to save money and time for you.

How Virtual Board Meetings Work

Want to know how to organize and conduct a neat meeting via a virtual boardroom? Let’s observe the key features of the software and what exactly you can do with their help. We suggest explaining them in running order – from the first up to the last step you should take.

Fix the Date

At your disposal will be built-in calendars with the reminder option. Moreover, many boardrooms contain special Members menus where updated info about your colleagues can be stored. Thus, the suitable date can be fixed almost automatically.

Prepare Papers

You can use board document management tools to upload all the necessary documentation to the boardroom. When competitive data is concerned and non-members can participate in the meeting, you can use various instruments to limit their access rights. These are redaction tools, watermarking, view-only options, etc.

Define Access Rules

Who can access the board of directors portal besides the c-suite? Which rights will each participant have? Top-quality boardrooms allow about ten levels of access.

Add Participants and Discuss the Agendas

Now you can invite every person you want to take part in the process. These may not only be directors but also various committees, your employees, prospective investors, and so on. For this purpose, you will use a multi-functional virtual room that allows sharing documentation, voting for/against proposals, signing papers, and many other activities in a single click.

Build Board Minutes

So, what are the results of your meeting? Which tasks are to be accomplished? Your virtual boardroom has a handy minute management menu so that all members can build it and approve it.

Access Documents Offline

No time to participate? You will be able to watch important papers later. Additionally, you can monitor the whole process in its course as well as after it thanks to such an option as audit logs.

Leave Feedback

Having applied the right boardroom to your business means being able to improve it even after the purchase. You can leave feedback after meetings so that the developers can make it even better when offering you an update.

Now, you can see how effectively your directors’ meetings can be run. And we have reviewed only the top popular options every business might need within a board portal.

Who Can Use Virtual Boardrooms?

Today, board meeting software is a must for most businesses. Almost every organization can pick the very boardroom they need and benefit from it. The list of them may be infinite, so we will call only some:

  • Commercial companies of all sizes;
  • Non-profit companies;
  • Startups;
  • Innovative companies working in such industries as science, medicine, etc.;
  • Trade associations. and others.

So, when you need a reliable and powerful means of holding board meetings and ruling your company in general, opt for virtual boardrooms. This has been the best solution in the market so far.

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