What your business is missing out on – and how you can fix that

Your business is probably missing out on a lot of things due to the pandemic. Not only is it missing out on the small things, but you were also probably so rushed to leave the office that you didn’t have time to think about the important things either. Here are four things your business is missing out on and how you can fix that.

#1 Implement high-quality security for your data

Due to the pandemic, your business has probably been rushed into quarantine without being told exactly what you need apart from the necessity that you and your staff work from home. The likelihood is, you probably didn’t get a chance to make sure that you made the right investments and spent time thinking about what you actually needed to implement to get your business functioning during the heat of the pandemic.

So much so, that you might have forgotten one very important factor: the security of your business. Cybercrime rates have risen dramatically during the pandemic, and your business has probably mainly been operating from the cloud. Implementing Cloud Native Security to help protect your data that is no longer on your server will be crucial, even as you make the move back to office work. As an additional benefit, because it is not tied to a server, native cloud security will also expand as your business expands in the future.

#2 Outsourcing or employing freelancers

As a business owner, you are probably under a lot of stress, and you probably feel like you are constantly being pulled in all directions. This makes it really difficult to focus on what really needs doing, especially if you come across a problem that you feel absolutely stumped on. Outsourcing means that you pay a team of professionals to help you handle the problem. They are usually off-site and just a phone call away from getting your problem solved.

You can have so many different kinds of outsourced services, such as freight trucking, IT Departments, website maintenance, and an awful lot more. You can also employ freelancers to help you with some singular jobs that you need to be done, like creating an illustration for a product or someone to write the blurb on your website.

#3 Hybrid working 

Hybrid working is something that many companies aren’t taking advantage of as much as they should be. It can be exceptionally cost-efficient and can also help reduce carbon emissions from your office. Not only this, but it can also help your workers pace themselves, especially how exhausting it has been for them during this past year or so. It can also improve morale and keep your employees working hard, as a change of scenery might be highly appreciated.

They will also enjoy the idea of not having to commute to work every day. Another benefit it has for your business is if you had an influx of employees and don’t have the office space for them. This means that you can desk share, or hot seat, meaning that you don’t have to pay out a massive amount of rent for a slightly bigger office, and people can just work comfortably in a familiar environment.

#4 A good credit score

Your business needs to have a good credit score. This is your safety net if something goes wrong in your business. The reason being, if you have to pay out a lot in compensation or your business takes a dramatic turn for the worst, you are going to need to be able to take out a business loan to help see you through. It’s better if you have the best deals available to you to make the most out of your business and credit cards. To increase your credit score, you should always pay your bills on time. In fact, you should always pay off your debts as soon as you can, keep close tabs on your credit report and get errors fixed before they become buried. A good credit score can make you far more appealing to lenders, which can also help you get better credit cards in the future.

To wrap things up

There are many things your business might be missing out on. Some of these things, such as security, are very serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Other things, such as hybrid working, are a choice, which may or may not work for the business owner and their team. Take some time to consider your business processes to see if you can fill in any missing gaps such as these and let them start making a difference to your business for the better.

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