Easy Ways to hire Blockchain Developer

Blockchain development has transformed from a passion project to a viable and well-paid career choice. The big companies have caught on the usefulness of blockchain. This is why companies looking to integrate this technology into their services are intensely looking to hire the best blockchain developers available in the market. The demand for individuals working on this technology is really high. No doubt, companies can easily fall in trap of individual pretending to be an awesome blockchain developer.

Hiring a Good Blockchain Developer

The only things that will help you hire an individual you are looking for is knowing what actually you are looking for. You need to consider different aspects of your company and the kind of project you are embarking on. Ask yourself certain questions:

  • Are you a startup or a big corporation?
  • What is your company culture like?
  • Will a blockchain developer be excited to work on your project?

There are a number of factors that will affect the kind of developer you might hire, such as type of project, length of project, number of people you require, whether you are looking for experts or noob and many other factors. You can even opt for outsourcing the project to specialist blockchain development company or collaborate with them. Outsourcing can certainly relieve you hiring pressure and let you focus on your core job role.

Look for them at Right Places

The number of blockchain developers are relatively less as compared to Java of software developers. So, the HR needs to throw out the traditional methods of recruitment and should come up with a proactive approach to hire the best resource for their organization. The traditional job boards will never help you finding an experienced blockchain developer. You need to look for them in their natural habitat. Because of the nature of blockchain development project, many of them are not actively seeking to switch from their current company. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t be intrigued if right opportunity knocks their door.

Blockchain community is a tightknit and many of the best developers and though leaders are constantly engaging with one another to keep up with the latest news and projects. These meeting points is where a recruiter must target to find a blockchain developer.

Find out What they want and Offer them

Once you have found their hiding places, you will find that a number of blockchain developers are scurrying between the projects like beetles. It’s the time to pounce on them. You should keep in mind that they are in demand. They are highly skilled, and many other recruiters are actively chasing them.  The ball is in their court.

So, you are just left with two options, either beg, grovel and plead for them to work with you or find out ways to tempt them. The first option might not always work. While trying out second option, you need to be really choosy in offering them the things they really want. Here is the list of few things that most of the blockchain developers are looking ahead in their life.


Money can be the biggest motivating factor unless they have bitcoins and are millionaires. The best blockchain developers will demand a high fee and you really wish to higher a skilled person, you must be able to match what your competitors are offering.


Most of the blockchain developers aren’t 9-5ers, so if you aren’t willing to be flexible with them, your position may stay vacant for long time. Your company can also try filling the position by a remote worker and find out ways to accommodate them into your operations. They might want certain privileges over other employees like flexible working hours, frequent holidays, and other special privileges.


If you are lucky and your project is exactly what some blockchain developers might be looking to work on, it becomes relatively easy to entice them into your office. If not, then you need to figure out the ways to encourage them to contribute to your organization. This can be giving them more autonomy and freedom to pursue projects on their own. Other lucrative offers can be opportunities to progress in their career, offering them advance courses and sending them to conferences.

The Bottom Line

Hiring blockchain developer can be really hard in this competitive marketplace. You need to target the right areas and lure them with something really attractive on order to hire the best guns in the industry.

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