Best Features of an EHS Compliance Management Software

With the ever-changing rules and regulations governing various industries, it can be hard to keep up. An EHS compliance management software takes over your compliance needs while you focus on business growth.

EHS compliance management software is a crucial investment for every company, but picking a solution that works for your company requires that you look for specific features.

Top Features to Look for in the Software

Relevance to your industry

A one fits all software is never an effective tool. A company that deals in petroleum is guided by a different set of rules from that of a health care facility.

Check your software vendor’s experience with your kind of business and their knowledge on the rules governing the industry. They should also be familiar with the unique EHS challenges in your field.

More experience indicates that the software has been upgraded over time and is well tailored to meet your company’s compliance needs effectively. If you are their first client in your niche, expect a series of interruptive upgrades.


The software should be capable of integrating with your company’s system and existing software. It should fit in with minimal disruption.

Most EHS staffs hardly have the IT skills to handle multiple systems and the company should not be spending more on training.

Integration creates a single unified process that is easy for users to use. The staff should be able to log in, identify and complete the tasks expected of them fast and easy.

Well equipped with standard tools

The best software should come bundled with relevant tools such as calculation methodologies, reporting tools, trend analysis, integration with content providers and external databases to make the implementation easy and fast.

With an efficient calculation engine and data integration tools, the software can compile large amounts of data from different data sources and perform calculations automatically and efficiently as soon as it’s implemented.

The Benefits of a Compliance Management Software

The Software makes the management of the company’s EHSQ compliance easier by planning and documenting inspections and audits. With the software’s real-time alerts, you are never caught off guard.

It ensures that your staffs always have clear instructions and are aware of all deadlines such that they can work efficiently without going against state rules and regulations.

It automates certain tasks such as automatically filling statutory forms enabling the administrative staff to focus on other tasks.

The EHS staff could miss out on changes in the health, safety and environmental compliance legislation. The software moves with these changes ensuring compliance at all times.

By adhering to all rules and regulations, the company can prevent EHS related scandals which harm its reputation and the related costs such as fines.

The stakeholders of a company with a clean compliance record hold a favorable view about it.

A good EHS compliance management software should help you comply with all state rules and regulations and avoid the monetary cost and reputation damage that comes with non-compliance.

It should be industry-specific and equipped with the right tools for efficient implementation. The software should also integrate well with your company’s system and be user-friendly.

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