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The combination of social media handles and websites is a game-changer because you can gather a relevant audience on social media. The relevant audience diverted from website to social media can do wonders for brands, companies, individuals, and content creators. The visitors on the website need to follow social media handles because they are always online on Instagram. We have found that individuals aged 18 – 30 frequently spend time on the Instagram photo-sharing website.

What is Grace by Social Streams?

Grace is a WordPress plugin, and Social Streams is a developer who released it. Grace is an add-on that integrates with the WP site and helps the administrators to add a beautiful social feed on the homepage or other webpages. Millions of individuals and brands upload attractive photos & short videos on the platform, and you can display them on the blog or site. In short, you don’t have to waste web hosting hardware resources on photo or video uploading and bring HD quality content without additional hardware resources. Let us look at Grace’s features, functions, and what kind of services you get from the Instagram WP plugin.

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Smart Server Caching

Grace Instagram Feed Plugin

The visitors don’t have to wait a longer period for the internet & webpage to load the Instagram feeds. The developers have worked on the optimization, so site administrators don’t have to suffer from the performance. The plugin comes with inbuilt Smart Server Caching, which reduces the time by loading the feeds instantly. It won’t reload Instagram feeds again & again, which reduces the user’s internet speed requirement and server load.

Gallery Layouts

Grace WP plugin Layouts

Now that you are aware of the Grace plugin performance, then what about the gallery layouts? The developers added level layouts for the users who want to add a gallery that is suitable for the site. You got a Full-width carousel, justified gallery, boxed carousel, profile header, Mansory grid, even gird, e-commerce showcase, single row slider, gallery widget, custom grid, and single post slider. We love the masonry grid because it has more details about the post and that’s what makes it suitable for individuals and brands.

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Clickable Buttons

We mentioned the details in the above point, and it is crucial for the site administrator, who is planning to redirect the visitors to social media handles.

We consider the buttons very important because it works flawlessly on desktops & mobile devices. You can redirect the visitors to social media and convert them into paying customers later down the line.

Site administrators can convert the visitors into followers and keep them engaged about the content, product, brand awareness, and more.

Choose one layout after another to find the ideal design for the site marketing strategy.

Grace WP plugin Details

You got the Instagram profile with a to follow button, a number of followers, following, number of posts, description, and links.

Grace WP plugin feed

You got buttons in the Instagram post as well such as the like button (likes count), comments (comments count), and share button to share on a wide-range of similar platforms.

There is so much going on with the Instagram feed plugin, and you can convert random visitors into followers. You can pitch the product or services somewhere down the line, which will end up in a sale.

Highly Customizable

Grace add-on Highly Customizable

The Social Streams developers understand the customer’s requirements and they added customizable options in the designs. You can make plenty of changes in the existing design to make it look like a home and maintain the company’s brand. Let us take the color scheme for instance, where a matching color scheme is important to maintain brand relevancy. Your brand color is a yellow & black combination, and then you can make changes to the existing designs with that color scheme.

Grace WP Plugin Pricing

Grace Code Canyon Page

Grace WordPress plugin is a premium add-on that comes with a price tag. Fortunately, Social Streams developers did not put a premium price on it because it is available to download & install in one package, and it costs $19 on the reputed Code Canyon market.

Bottom Line

The developers brought an interesting & need plugin to the site administrators because it saves money on web hosting and displays high-quality content uploaded on social media platforms. Customers will get free updates & six months of support at the same price, which is a good selling point. Let us know what do you think about Grace Instagram WP plugin in the comment section below.

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