2 Tips To Become Number 1’s On Instagram

When people are asked what being on social media is like, the intuitive comparison that comes to mind is a jungle. Why so, do you wonder? The answer is rather simple. Social media platforms are quite competitive spheres (especially Instagram) where everything happens and changes by the minute.

Retaining Our Place As Number Ones

If we want to remain at the top for as long as possible, we must follow some marketing strategies that will help us keep our heads above water whatsoever (and, consequently, our followers and likes will be on a constant rise). We don’t refer to the obvious marketing strategies anyone applies (such as visiting the best to buy Instagram likes $1). Rather, ones that have already proved themselves by the strongest social media influencers out there. This article will focus on one such way to guarantee your profile remains relevant and trending.


What’s fun about social media is that there are many platforms where we could spend our time and enjoy the unique features each platform offers. Since most people also have a Facebook account, we can share our Instagram content there so to generate more traffic to our IG profile. Indeed, sharing content on other apps is an integral part of the social media game.

Other Viable Instagram Marketing Strategies

Why follow just one strategy when we could try other efficient strategies in parallel and see how far all of them combined could get us? We highly recommend adding hashtags to your posts; thus, the latter will be more likely to appear from a relevant keywords search any potential follower does. Moreover, to help your content become even more entertaining, we suggest adding visuals and other effects to stimulate a strong visual appeal.

Beware Of Bot Instagram Services

One day, your social media profile has the most Instagram followers, and the very next, no one remembers you ever existed. Don’t take it personally, though; this is how social media rolls in 2021.

Another way one’s IG profile could meet such a depressing fate is by buying fake Instagram engagement. Since Instagram’s content ‘fuel’ is engagement (and the numbers speak for themselves). The mere fact that if one has plenty of followers ‘invite’ new people to hit the follow button emphasizes this point; the app has developed different tools to track suspicious activity (such as a sharp spike of followers or likes, for one).

Therefore, you should think twice before opting for such an engagement boost; and do proper research of any site you consider buying from. Because, if you don’t, you might find yourself in a tight spot with Instagram and put your profile’s credibility in question and end up doing more harm than good.


Getting noticed on Instagram is not a piece of cake but requires full-time job attention instead. However, you could make your life easier by promoting your Instagram profile through any of these strategies: cross-promoting your posts, adding hashtags, and top it all with intriguing visual effects for your new posts.

About The Author

Yuval Zilberfarb is a content writer and editor at SEOMADEZ LLC. The company juggles a handful of digital-goods sites; whose texts are under Yuval’s responsibility. Yuval finds inspiration in Indie-rock music, and he bides his time until We Were Promised Jetpacks released their upcoming album.

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