Cheeses of Europe App Review | Make Your Next Tasty Recipe

Looking to make the perfect cheeseboard? The all new “Cheeses of Europe” app makes it really easy for you to discover and learn more about the European cheeses with recipes, pairings and more. It is an easy-to-use resource for a range of European cheese, cheese secrets and videos of tasty recipes. Let’s learn more about the app.

About Cheese of Europe App

The Cheeses of Europe is a council comprising of French dairy farmers and cheese firms. It is lead by The French Inter-Branch Organization (CNIEL). Its mission is to create awareness about the variety of European cheeses that available in the US market. There are a number of ways through which the American consumers can incorporate the cheeses into their recipes, their diets and their lifestyles.

The Cheeses of Europe Marketing Council develops national programs to create awareness and demand for the cheeses of Europe across the United States and the world. Its ultimate goal to create an impression of imported cheeses of Europe that sets them apart as a unique group and strengthens the competitive position in the growing specialty cheese category. It’s a unique app for cheese lovers.

Top Features of the App

Some of the best features of the apps are as follows:

Cheeses Menu

You can click on ‘See All Cheeses’ to view the exclusive variety of cheese the app has. You can even filter them on basis of flavor, type and milk. It can be purchased from the app.

Number of Recipes

Tap on “Find Recipe” to find the best cheese recipes from the library it has. Here you can find an exclusive range of recipes that will help you make dishes using different types of cheese.

You can choose any of the recipes from the app and it will guide you through the ingredients required and how to prepare the recipe. You can watch the videos as well to learn how to cook your favorite dish.

Cheese Plate Creator

You can create your cheese plate using this application. The plate created can be shared and suggested with your friends.

Store Locator

You can locate the cheese store nearby to order the different types of cheeses available. Just enter your location and click on the ‘Submit’ button. It will suggest all the stores nearby.

Video, Website and More

Go to this option and share this app with your friends or a big-time foodie. You can visit its website, go to YouTube channel to learn how to make your favorite cheese recipe, take part in events and more. The website interface is more beautiful as compared to the app, but it caters to all user needs.

The Bottom Line

If you are a hardcore foodie or someone who just love cheesy food, Cheese of Europe is the app they must be looking at. It is available for iOS (the app will function in iOS 9 and above version) and Android devices. It is one of the finest apps to tell you about the delicious cheeses that are available in the US market and buy them from the stores located nearby. If you haven’t installed it on your smartphone and have a special love for cheeses the app is a must install for you.

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