Cell Site Management Simplified – Here’s What You Should Know Before Leasing Your Property to Telecom Towers

Stats suggest that there are over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. Add the regular feature phone users, and that number will easily reach the 7 billion mark. To accommodate so many users, telecom companies are having to set up more towers. And for that, they need to lend properties, which is where you come in.

So here are a few things to know about cell site management before you decide to lease your property to one of these towers.

What is the Approximate Weight of All the Machinery?

This is a huge factor when it comes to leasing your property to telecom towers, especially if you are leasing your roof space. For rooftop cell towers, telecom companies usually prefer guyed or monopole towers. The transmitters and receivers are usually arranged in the form of an array, or a few microwave dishes. Ground towers, like broadcast towers, can weigh anything from 1 to 15 tons. The ones on rooftops are a lot lighter, usually around the 1-ton region. The ground station equipment does not contribute much to the overall weight of the cell towers.

Will They be Installing Air Conditioning?

Yes, you can expect the cell tower companies to install air conditioning for their cell towers and ground stations. As the equipment requires a specific and cool temperature to remain stable and function properly, an air conditioning unit must be present at all ground stations. Traditionally, compressor-based coolers are used to keep the temperatures under control in these base stations.

Will Maintenance Work on the Towers Cause Any Sort of Disturbance?

No, maintenance work on the towers will not cause any disturbance. Major maintenance work includes replacing worn-out equipment, rewiring, and software upgrades. Apart from all this, there are the occasional checks conducted on the structure itself. The steel tower is checked for corrosion. This requires high accuracy as engineers need to check for damages in the metal coatings, as well as the structural integrity. 

Since it requires accurate measurement, engineers use an ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure the metals and check for defects. These thickness gauges use an ultrasonic pulse with a high range for measuring the thickness. Based on the results they receive, engineers can conclude whether or not there is any defect with the cell tower’s structure. 

Do You Have to Be in Touch with the Telecom Company Directly?

You do not have to be in touch with telecom companies directly. There are cell site management companies that will act as the middleman between you and the telecom operators. From dealing with the finances to handling legal obligations, these management teams will get all of it done for the telecom companies. 

Are they Any Potential Health Risks for People Living Close to the Tower?

Scientific evidence suggests that there are little to no health risks associated with exposure to low levels of EMF. We are all more or less exposed to such radiofrequency from our cell phones, cell towers, and other 5G devices. That being said, it will be foolish to completely deny that cell towers cause health problems.

Longer and stronger exposure to these frequencies can cause a lot of trouble, especially when towers operate beyond the limits set by the country. Towers can also cause problems, both short and long-term if you are living near one or multiple towers. A 300-400 m radius centering the tower is potentially harmful.

Cell towers can cause problems like headaches, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Children are more at risk of these problems compared to adults. 

However, one also needs to understand what is true and what is false when it comes to cell towers. Over the years, there have been a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding these towers and the impact they have on one’s health. The most recent conspiracy to come out is that cell towers are the main reason behind the COVID-19 pandemic, which is baseless and lacks scientific evidence. Hence, before coming to any conclusion regarding cellular towers, learn to identify the truth from the lies, and trust only credible and scientific sources.

There are over a hundred thousand cell towers in the US alone, and wireless real estate is a profitable business opportunity for many. As the telecom industry continues to grow, you can expect many others trying to cash in, and make the most of the opportunities. And before doing so, knowing the details regarding cell site management and leasing your property to these telecom towers is of utmost importance.

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