Bosma To Release Its New DIY CapsuleCam Night Vision Home Security System With Much Better Image Quality

One of the most trusted companies for home security, Bosma, has launched a new advanced HD Night-Vision Camera on Indiegogo July 09, 2018. People often get confused while trying to find the best home security gadget, in this highly competitive and confusing place, CapsuleCam is the best choice you could get. It has the highest quality crystal-clear HD system with the highest quality display system. It provides you with all the facility at a very affordable rate.

Bosma is a company that develops products that create value for customers and help them reach out for the best. The company has developed various military grade optics that were used by the US government itself. They have also launched a series of connected cameras like AccessCam, FrontierCam, InCam and GripCam.

There are various similar products available in the market, for example, the DIY smart home security systems which nowadays are commonly used by the people, but these security systems often have a low-quality display which does not give clear images especially at night when the lights are low. They often show blurry images making it harder for the people to recognize the faces. This puts the houses at a higher risk and to avoid those risks, Bosma’s CapsuleCam is the most recommended solution.

Bosma has always been the first preference of the customers and has always received positive feedback. CapsuleCam is a new home security system launched by Bosma where it has tried to improve all its points about which the customers are concerned. Usually, image quality is a thing that everyone looks for while purchasing a camera or a security device and it is important for the cameras or security devices to have the highest quality of the image with high pixels.

CapsuleCam by Bosma captures extremely sharp images regardless of the time. Its image quality doesn’t waver with the surrounding lights and the images captured at night have the same quality as that of the images captured in the daytime. It does not matter how poor the lighting conditions are or what room or space you are monitoring, CapsuleCam uses back-illuminated pixel technology. This latest technology increases the light sensitivity of the device in a dark environment by up to 3 times. Also, CapsuleCam offers Wide Dynamic Range which helps the camera to clearly view facial features, objects and shapes. Bright backlighting in rooms makes it difficult to distinguish between specific objects or movements, CapsuleCam’s Wide Dynamic Range helps recover this problem.

CapusleCam fulfils all the requirements and gives its customers a clear viewing experience; it also offers smart motion detection and two-way audio. Along with this, it offers live viewing of the house on the Bosma iPhone and Android app.

Features of CapsuleCam

  • Starlight Vision: It offers sharp colour details, even in the dark which enhances the quality of the image.
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): It solves the problem of bright back-lighting.
  • Local Storage: It stores the recorded footage on the device that helps you view the video whenever required.
  • 162-degree Viewing Angle: The wide viewing range covers almost the entire room.
  • Live Viewing: You can have a view of your room anytime, anywhere using the app that works on both mobile phones and computers.
  • Motion Detection Notification: If the camera catches any unusual activity in your room, you will instantly get the notification on your phone.
  • Quick Playback: 16GB micro SD card provides easy local playback with no time lag.
  • Two-Way Audio: You can communicate with the people living at your home using your mobile phone.
  • 1080P HD (1920*1080P): This device offers you sharp photos and videos with wide viewing angle.

The CapsuleCam Indiegogo campaign launched on July 09, 2018 is expected to last for 30 days and the shipment of the camera system will be made at the end of August 2018.

The price of the security system is very affordable.

Under the campaign period, one pack of the camera is made available at $79, two packs are made available at $149, and four packs are made available at $288. The camera will retail at $159 after the end of the limited presale period.

This high-quality security device by Bosma is a must-have device for those looking for a house security gadget.

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