Bonklive App Review – Broadcast Yourself From Anywhere Around The Globe


Have you ever thought of becoming a superstar overnight? Showcase your talent to people who are searching for something really awesome online. Bonklive is one of the newest applications that have been launched for iOS and Android users to help them broadcast live, chat, share, and become a star. You can either choose to broadcast your own videos or watch other’s videos. Let us look through the app and learn more about it.

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BonkLive App – A Brief

BonkLive is a social media platform that can be utilized to broadcast and advertise the live commercial play and branding the products while watching the live streaming videos. Connect with your favorite stars by going live and earn cash and rewards. You can broadcast yourself and meet new people having similar interest. You can even make money for playing the commercials in between your live video. Not only this, you can earn money by reading the international and local advertisements.

The Setup

  • The terms clearly specify that the user below 18 years in age cannot use this app. One can easily login using Facebook Account, Instagram Account, or through Email.

email confirm

  • Once you have created a new account using email, you need to confirm the account by clicking on the link sent through confirmation mail.

setup guide

  • You can either take the tour to learn a little about the app or skip it to proceed further where you can see your favorite broadcasters.


  • You can check out the ‘Featured’ section to find live videos from the popular broadcasters.

live video

  • You can spot the new broadcasters in the ‘New’ section and can even find who is broadcasting live.

new jersey

  • You can even search for the broadcaster of your choice using its search option.
  • Not only this, you can find the broadcasters who are live streaming from different parts of the world.


  • You can even view the live streaming videos from different categories on this app.


  • You can also make several changes to your profile by editing the personal information and adding image to it.

info page

Watching the Video Live on BonkLive

  • All you have to do is select a broadcaster who is broadcasting the video at that time and tap onto it.

onto page

  • You will be redirected to the live video in few seconds.

few images

  • You have an option to chat with the person broadcasting the live video. You can view the conversations of others and send the messages to the broadcaster as well.

broadcasting image

  • The violent, sexually explicit content or the intolerant content will not be tolerated.


  • You can even send the emojis in response to the live videos.


  • You can even report the sexually explicit, intolerant, or violent content that is played in the video.

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BonkLive Basics You Should Know

Here are some of the basics that every user should know about the BonkLive app:

  • The gold coins can be purchased while watching the live broadcasts or from the BonkLive shop anytime.
  • The viewer can buy the gifts through the gold coin shop and send them to the broadcaster.
  • The virtual gifts can be easily turned into cash and could be redeemed at 20 percent of the original value in the cash.
  • All the money can be transferred to the ASAP Debit Card or can also be used through the Mastercard facility.
  • Only the Bonkified broadcasters can read a jingle/advertisement or play a commercial during their video and they earn a Diamond for it. The cost of one Diamond is $50 (USD) and can also be exchanged for the gold coins.
  • When the Bonkified broadcaster plays a commercial during the broadcast, he/she receives 1Diamond for every minute the commercial is played. None of the commercial can be longer than 3 minutes.
  • The BonkLive broadcaster starts as a Bonnaroo Level 10 and then continues to level up to Bonnarookie Level 20, Bonkeroony Level 30, Bonkers Level 40, Bonkai Level 50, Bonkertronz Level 60, Bonkin Level 70, and Bonkified Level 80 is the last level.

pros and cons


  • The live users can switch between one broadcast to other.
  • With each update, new features and 3D gifts are added.
  • You can make real cash with this app.


  • A little complex to understand for initial users, hope they will add a video guide soon to Google PlayStore page also.
The Bottom Line

BonkLive is a stunning live broadcasting app that can make you a star overnight. You can download this app on your smartphone and start viewing the live broadcasting videos or can also start your own live broadcasts with this app.

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