BigBangram Review 2024 | Best And Easy Way To Promote Instagram Account To More Likes And Followers

Instagram promotion is a major business nowadays on the platform. Celebrities are getting paid around $100 to $100,000 per post because of the number of active followers on the platform. Currently, increasing visibility of a brand on Instagram increases the potential of income and a great number of leads. Photo sharing sites are one of the easiest ways to increase followers and loyal customers. Millions of brands are spending a lot of money and time promoting them.

What is BigBangram?

BigBangram is an Instagram automation service provider that offers wide-range of packages to the customers. Currently, celebrities are working behind the curtain to manage a profile on the platform. Oh yes, from multi-million dollar companies to individual creators have teams constantly working in the background. No one can deny that Instagram users have received BOT based messages, followers, and follow back.

At least, once in a day, a new user on the platform gets Likes, Comments and Messages from unknown profiles. These profiles are managed by an automation tool, where they are leaving footprints. The new users or existing users more likely to follow the page or profile, and it will end up in follow back as well.

BigBangram is a service provider, where Instagram users can increase visibility in a few moments. The customers do not have to spend lot of time in replying to messages, welcome new followers, and start a conversation.

Overall, Instagram BigBangram automation service is a blessing.

BigBangram Features

Unlike similar companies offering wide-range of packages, this company is aiming to charge separately for each service. In short, you can save a lot of money because you are paying for service, not unnecessary add-ons.

1. Instagram Direct Message

How about sending an automated message or predefined messages to new followers? Oh yes, you can start a conversation with the new followers from the get-go.

The BOT allows the customers to add a predefined message like “Hi, I have noticed that you have followed me, and I would love to know more about you.”

I recommend new customers to add REAL conversational messages because I have always ignored commercial or business types of texts. Add realistic conversations rather than a robotic message.

Charge: $9

2. Instagram Promotion Bot

I consider “PROMOTION BOT the most important element of the growth.

Instagram is all about engagement, and a dynamic engagement can increase visibility in no time. A 24/7 engagement can increase the number of followers, likes, and views on the videos + photos within no time. Using the TAGS, Location, and Engagement, anyone can reach 100 followers a day.

Over time, the first “100 followers a day” can turn into “1000 followers a day” because the consistency matters on the social media platform. The organic search and organic results play a major role in a massive gain in followers and engagement.

By spending $15 per month, you can get Auto likes, Auto follow, Auto comment, Auto unfollow, Scheduled posting, Manage multiple accounts, and more.

Charge: $15

3. Comment Tracker

Dynamic engagement can result in organic comments, likes, and new followers. Not everyone has the privilege to reply to comments, and in this case, you can take assistance from a BOT. The BigBandRam enables the customers to reply to comments using a feature.

Charge: $9

4. Buy Instagram Likes & Followers

How about gaining 1000 followers in an instant?

What about 1000 likes on one post in a few hours?

By spending $8 and $2.21, you can gain a massive amount of followers and likes for a page or profile. However, we don’t recommend the new Instagram users to buy followers because it can trigger foul play. In case, if you need a boost for a profile picture or a specific post, then buying likes doesn’t hurt at all.

Charge: $8 and $2.21

5. Social Media Management

I have mentioned something regarding “A DEDICATED TEAM” that celebrities & individuals are using nowadays. In SMM, you have five packages, and $75 is the starting price, and the advanced packages cost $700.

Bottom Line

The BigBangram seems to be the best easy way to gain and engage with real followers on Instagram.

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