Best Team Collaboration Tool for PC And Smartphone |Chanty Review

The world started to appreciate digital communication as the global pandemic has changed the meaning of the “no human gathering” term. You can find hundreds of solutions that promise to deliver advanced team collaboration tool, but it always lacks important features. One search will provide hundreds of solutions available out there, but it’s not possible to check them all out. We may not able to give you a review on all popular team collaboration tools, but we can ease the burden by introducing Chanty.

What is Chanty?

Chanty Best Collaboration Tool

Chanty is an advanced team collaboration tool for professional people, who are looking for a sophisticated way to communicate with team members. Chanty is all about team management and a communication line to get the job done. The company packed the solution with features and functions that will come in handy for business people, schools, and organizations. Let us take a quick look at what you get in the Chanty collaboration tool and find out whether it catches your eye or not.

Check out Chanty

Cross-platform support

Chanty Cross-platform support

The first thing that is important to check is cross-platform support because your team members might be using a different device. One of the employees might be using a Windows laptop and the other one is using a macOS laptop. No business wants to suffer from a lack of software support and that’s where Chanty excelled. You can download dedicated Chanty clients for Windows, Mac, Linux (Debian & Fedora), Android, and iOS devices. The team members can engage in business meetings without worrying about operating system compatibility.

Communication Features

Chanty Communication Features

We are living in a modern era, where digital communication has changed drastically over the decade. There are several dedicated texting apps and visual services to converse in real-time with friends & families. Chanty is keeping up with the modern users demand and you got everything required to conduct the business. All cross-platform applications support voice calls, video calls, texting, and sharing functions, so you are not missing anything here. The developers will add new features as the technology shifts towards next-gen features.


Chanty Teambook

The official developers have simplified the workspace by adding easy-to-organize functions. You got plenty of information to keep up and follow up with the members, which is a hectic routine. Teambook feature allows the users to manage and organize the conversations, files, links, quotes, and more. Users don’t have to worry about missing a single detail because Teambook is always there to keep you on track.

Focus Notifications

Chanty Notifications

Notifications play a crucial role in keeping up with the conversations. The Smart Notification feature enables the users to control what they want to receive on the machine and what they want to avoid. Take full control over what is ending up on the smartphone lock screen and notification bar, and the same scenario goes to Windows, Linux, and macOS machines. You will never miss a single notification from a specific user and reply instantly to get the business deal done.

Advanced Security

Chanty Security

There are hundreds of videos online, where uninvited guests are showing up in your private lobby. Chanty won’t let it happen in the first place because it is invite-only team access, so no one can join in the first place. Your data and team members’ data are encrypted, so there is no risk of breaches. You have a dedicated option to export data, in case, if you want to save the data in local storage.

Sharing options

Sharing options

There are advanced sharing options in the program including Android & iOS apps. Users can share screens with everyone or with specific users, so they can demonstrate the presence or conduct a class. Everyone on Chanty can send & receive links, files, documents, and more. A business can conduct official meetings with efficiency without limitations whatsoever and get the best out of advanced team collaboration tools.

Chanty Pricing

Chanty has two plans, which allow the users to make a custom package depending on the team size.

  • Free plan

The free plan is suitable for a team of ten, and it comes with limitations.

  • Business ($3 per team member)

None of the premium features are locked, and you will get unlimited options here. The package is customizable, so you are paying per team member that makes the service affordable.

Bottom Line

Chanty did not leave the free users and offered an interesting package. Business people don’t have to worry about overspending as you are paying per member, which is an affordable option for a small company. Let us know what do you think about Chanty in the comment section below.

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