Best Practices for Data Protection in Used Device Wholesale

Data protection plays a crucial role in processing pre-owned devices, especially in large volumes. The information that can be left on the smartphone should be erased securely and unrecoverably so that the possibility of data breaches is eliminated. Let’s dive into the details of quality data protection for wholesalers and explore how to wipe data securely.

How to Provide Data Protection

The only way to provide cybersecurity for your stock is to use certified data erasure services. These services wipe data in accordance with modern legal standards under the supervision of responsible independent authorities.The software you choose should comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This European data protection law is based on seven core principles representing personal data management norms.

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Data Sanitization Guidelines

When looking for data erasure software, check if it has obtained these two certifications:

  • NIST 800-88. These are the most widely used data sanitization guidelines that provide a comprehensive approach to media sanitization techniques for various storage devices, ensuring confidentiality, especially when handling sensitive target data.
  • ADISA. The certification has three schemes for different types of media that companies work with: certified product claims test (PCT), certified product assurance (PA), and certified sanitization software vendor (SSV). Pay attention to the software’s certification scheme to ensure it fits your company’s needs.

What Data Wiping Software to Choose

For consistent and secure data sanitization, try NSYS Data Erasure. This solution is certified by both NIST 800-88 and ADISA and is compliant with GDPR.

NSYS Data Erasure will benefit your wholesale used cell phones business:

  • Save time by connecting up to 60 devices at once.
  • Ensure the quality of data wipe by providing detailed results for every erasure made.
  • Use the solution for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Redefine reliability with NSYS Data Erasure!

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