Best And Top Free 5 VPN for US Users Using Windows 10 PC And Laptop

usa vpn windows 10If you’re really very worried about your privacy online, you’ve got to check out these five great free VPNs that we’ll be showcasing for your uses in your day to day life in your favorite Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser. These services will keep you safe away from prying eyes and are a really very cinch and easy to use.


Q1. What really is a VPN?

A1. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an easy method used to add security to your privacy in order to make your work really encrypted on both private and public networks. VPNs are most often used by various corporations in order to protect their highly sensitive and exclusive data.

Q2. What does a VPN do to protect your sensitive data?

A2. It is a service efficiently fakes your current location to a location far away from your actual location often making it impossible to track your actions and also providing exclusivity. Some Virtual Private Network services may monitor their users in order to prevent misuse of their services and preventing the use of their services by the wrong people for absolutely wrong purposes.

Best And Top Free 5 VPN for US

1. ProxyRack VPN

proxy serverProxyRack is currently a new competitor in this niche market but in order to become a choice for an user who’s searching for a VPN client for himself or herself the company has made sure that they become the best soon with some great features along with many pros that make it a viable choice for all the users who are looking for such a service for themselves.

The main focus of the this client is to provide fast and reliable internet usage while maintaining anonymity during the time of its usage, This thing makes the software reliable as well as a good option while a user searches out for a VPN Service for their usage making the app also reach about 1, 00,000 downloads in just a month of its release.

proxyrack client for windows 10

So here we list out some of the PROS and some extremely RARE CONS that you’ll find when you decide to use this as your main service for a time being.


1. Fast and intuitive making it within the reach of all the users who use different types of ISP’s with different Bandwidth capping.
2. Free to use service by all users.
3. Availability in both PC’s as well as the MAC making it an ideal choice.
4. 5 Simultaneous ISP hiding allowed on 5 devices.
5. 24X7 customer support if you face any issues while your usages.


1. Has only one protocol for availability.
2. Won’t run in systems running Window 8.1

2. VyprVypr From GoldenFrog

vyprVypr VPN is also a great and over enthusiastic service for people who wish to remain extremely anonymous absolutely and are too considered about their security in the world of the internet. Though it may sound paranormal for a person to be this considered but it’s absolutely okay to be so as the internet really is a dark place and also the governments of the various countries monitor the usage of the internet too so using a VPN is a good choice. But all the services of this app don’t come for free and have a price which can go up to 8$ per month.

Here is a pic from the client


1. Works In all 6 inhabited continents (sorry Antarctica!!!)
2. Have more than 700 dedicated servers to help you remain anonymous.


1. The pricing is what the only con is.

2. Don’t support torrent downloading

3. started their service back in 2012 and it has both free and paid plans which make it kind of weird as the free version hardly has any features and is virtually useless. So anyway let’s have a look at the PROS and CONS


1. 5 devices get connected and there is 2GB with free plan.
2. Many protocols to choose from including SSTP.


1. Works well only when purchased.

4. ZoogVPN

virtual speed unlimited

Free to use and support Netflix and other similar streaming services on their US servers. Operating service for 4 long years and counting.


1. Light weight client for Windows 10

2. Free 2GB+ bandwidth


  1. No LiveChat option for customer support

5. TunnelBear

tunnel bearSlick and almost minimalist service provider which makes it a good option in overall usage but it does have a price as well which is considerable at just 7$ a month – the cheapest of all in the paid services.


1. No issues while connections.
2. Works like a charm.


1. The price maybe the con for some but it really provides features that make up for the price.

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