Best And Easy Way To Buy Proxies Online

In this digital world, everything is available online through websites. We all use a smartphone with a number of useful apps to access online stores, to purchase things, to explore the websites etc. To access unauthorized websites or country-restricted websites and services, people are relying on proxies. You can purchase suitable proxies from It’s the most convenient online proxy providers in the market for the Internet users.

Proxy-Seller provides online servers to the users, which lets them connect to various IPs through the Internet. The service is very affordable and you can easily opt for them right from their website. The website serves a user-friendly interface, letting anyone purchase the suitable proxy from the platform.

They don’t restrict on the speed of their services and offer super smooth services to get the proxies of the desired countries. Currently, Proxy-Seller offers its services in twelve different countries. You can select the country you want from its scroll-down menu. Before we jump on to the services offered by the Proxy-Seller, check out the reasons why you should go with this platform to buy the proxies.

Proxy-seller helps you get their proxies from a number of countries without any restrictions on the speed.

You can use Proxy-Seller’s proxies for….

  • Social Network promotions
  • Search Engine Optimization Promotions
  • For bets, gambling and casino websites
  • For exploring adult contents
  • To unlock the location restricted websites and contents
  • For playing online games
  • For posting ads on different marketplaces by changing the location
  • For watching location based video streaming services

When you launch its website, you will see three different options I.e. IPv4, IPv6 and Proxy Goal. IPv4 lets you select the current location from 12 different countries where the servers of this company are available. You can do the same thing with the IPv6 column and can select the desired location from the drop-down menu. The goal section is very advanced which lets you select from different criteria.

If we talk more about the Proxy Goal, you need to select the platform for which you are purchasing the proxy service. The Proxy Goal section has four different options; Proxy for Social Networks, Parsing, Online Games and Others. Depending upon your basic requirements through a proxy server, you need to select the right option from here. Most users are searching for the proxies for their social networks. This service provider lets you select the right proxy for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

No matter what kind of a user you are, the platform offers all types of services to change your current location with the suitable IP address by using a compatible Proxy service. If you have decided to opt for their services, the first thing you need to do is go to their official website where you will see a simple interface.

The system lets you buy private Scoks5 and HTTPs. Depending upon your basic requirements, you can move further and select the right options from the given sections. The first section will ask you to choose from IPv4 or IPv6. The section will ask you to choose the target country from the 12 options. And then the next section will ask you to select the service period. For how long you want to purchase their services. You need to select from 1 Week to 12 Months from the drop-down menu. And then the final section will let you enter the proxies you require from their platform.

Apart from the decent user interface, the platform’s proxies work with almost all the giant websites such as Google, Instagram, Steam, Yandex, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Kaspersky, YouTube and much more. Apart from this, the proxies of Proxy-seller also work great for the professional gamers and let them play the online games of different countries easily.

Proxy-Seller Provides services in 12 Different Countries

USA, English, French, German, Netherlands, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukranian, Kazakhstan, Canadian and Indian. All these countries’ proxies are available to purchase from Proxy-Seller’s platform. The purchase service is pretty easy and you can get started with the proxies right away.

Why Proxy-Seller?

Proxy-Seller’s Proxies work with high-speed of 1 Gb/s without any speed restriction. On top of that, they allow the subscribers to make use of over 300 subnets with 100 networks. They have a dedicated team of customer care team providing 24/7 services to their customers from around the world.

Apart from this, they also have a refund policy for the customers. If you don’t like the services, you can get the money refunded within 24 hours of its purchase. All the details will be sent to you in the email to proceed further with their services.


Don’t worry whether its day or night in your region their nerds are always online, just shoot them your query and they will sort it for you.

What’s new?

Proxy-Seller offers their customers to earn some extra money while using it with their affiliate program. If you know Internet marketing and want to generate some extra bucks, then this platform helps you to do so with a decent affiliate program. You will have to enroll yourself with this program once you purchase its services.

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