Stellar Repair for Outlook | Review

Outlook allows the users to create a Personal Folder File (.PST) on a network drive. Millions of professionals use the Microsoft Exchange mailbox feature to carry messages, events, calendars, and other important information from the inbox. There have been incidents that led to corrupted PST files, and it left the users to download the file from the mailbox again. There is a way to restore the PST file to health, and not many users are aware of it.

What is Stellar PST File Recovery Tool?

Stellar is an Indian software company, and they have developed an innovative tool to recover PST files in Windows computers. The Windows tool is designed to tackle multiple PST file problems, and it recovers the data from the corrupted file. I have tested the Stellar Repair for Outlook on Windows 11, and I have provided information that you need to know about it.

How to use Stellar Repair for Outlook?

We want to show you how to use the Stellar solution and recover the data from a corrupted PST file. We believe in the demonstration, and you should give it a try since the program allows recovery options with limitations.

1. Install Outlook PST Repair software on the Windows PC, and you can download the executable file from the official.

2. Launch the Stellar Repair for Outlook, then click on the “Select Outlook Data File” button.

Stellar Repair for Outlook (2)

  • Click on the “Browser” under the Choose Location tab.

Stellar Repair for Outlook (3)

  • Find and open the PST file from the local storage.

Stellar Repair for Outlook (4)

  • Click on the “Repair” button.

Stellar Repair for Outlook (5)

  • Stellar takes less than a minute to finish the process.

Stellar Repair for Outlook (6)

  • View the contents inside.

Stellar Repair for Outlook (7)

We covered the demonstration part beforehand because it gives you an idea of the user interface. The interface is friendly for beginners, and it won’t waste your precious time. Stellar was able to recover the contents from the sample PST file. The entire recovery process took less than a minute, but it may differ in your case. Your PST file might be a large file size and has multiple contents in it.

What else Stellar Repair for Outlook can do?

Stellar developers have optimized the software for the Windows operating system. They have incorporated the algorithm to recover multiple files from the PST files, so you can restore maximum data from the corrupted PST file.

#1: Preview

Yes, you have an advanced option to preview the recovered content. We have shared a screenshot at the end of the tutorial, and that’s where you can preview the content. You have the option to preview the folders, then the contents inside. The Stellar program has created order, and it is similar to the Windows file explorer. You shouldn’t have complications previewing the mailbox backup in the local storage.

#2: Recovers Deleted Items

We all have lost some form of data over the years, and Stellar Repair for Outlook recovers deleted items from the PST file. We are not talking about the corrupted mailbox items. We are talking about the deleted mailbox, and Stellar tools recover the deleted items from the PST file.

#3: Windows 11 Supported

Windows 11 is the latest edition from Microsoft. There are millions of program that doesn’t support the latest Windows operating system. Stellar Repair for Outlook is one-step ahead of the competition. We have demonstrated the capability of the Stellar tool on Windows 11. You don’t have to worry about the Windows 11 compatibility issues and recover the data from PST files without hesitation

#4: Recovers Multiple Files

The Stellar tool recognizes the files in the PST file. You can recover messages, attachments, emails, calendars, events, and more. You don’t have to worry about the missing mailbox content, and the tool recovers everything inside the PST file.

#5: Microsoft Office Version Support

Stellar developers have optimized the tool for Microsoft Office 365 solution. Of course, Office 365 is the latest offering from the company, and it’s not surprising that the company optimized the tool for it. Outlook 2019 is a selling point for many corporate-targeted laptops.

What if you have a Windows machine with an older Office suite?

No worries, Stellar developers have tweaked the tool to support Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 & earlier versions.

Bottom Line

Stellar Repair for Outlook is a premium solution, but you can install the program to try the features. The pricing starts from $99 for the LifeTime License key under the “Professional” package. You should check out the official site for the updated pricing and grab the discounts to cut down on the final price. Let us know what do you think about the Stellar Repair for Outlook in the comment section below.

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