Is Vechain Going Green a Sign To Buy Vechain?

The world has been experiencing climate-related problems for the past few years, and there seems to be no actual cure. While most individuals might want to pass less attention to the climate, it is essential we know that, at some point, we’d have our share of the problem. The crypto community has been a life-changing one, and it should not be one of the factors contributing to the problem of sustainability. It’s no news that most cryptocurrencies are now planning to go green before 2030. This is positive news, one with the capacity to boost the crypto community.

buy vechain - Is Vechain Going Green a Sign To Buy Vechain?

Some green cryptocurrencies like Vechain and Vethor have been enjoying steady growth in their adoption rate, making it the right time to buy Vechain and its gas token Vethor. Most crypto investors, especially newbies, would instead invest in bitcoin than Vechain or other green cryptos. While this might look somewhat reasonable, most times, it’s the wrong move. The price of bitcoin and its adoption is much higher than Vechain, but Vechain remains more eco-friendly than bitcoin. If you are going to have a positive impact on sustainability, you need to reconsider your options.

Vechain going green is not only a Vechain vision. As mentioned earlier, several cryptos are planning on going green on or before 2030. Vechain, in collaboration with the Centre Testing International Group (CTI) and the big-names in the TIC industry, has come together to work on the carbon footprint of the Vechain thor blockchain to make it green.

How Does Vechain Going Green Affect Its Price And Growth?

Several factors contribute to the price of a cryptocurrency. The awareness and the advertisement of the network is not the only reason why investors would buy Vechain. There are several other factors behind user adoption, which in turn affect the price. However, some schools of thought have argued that crypto with solid fundamentals has a higher probability of growing exponentially than those with a larger ecosystem. While this is true, Vechain has projected into the future and realized a large chunk of energy is dissipated in the crypto community, affecting the sustainability of the environment. In a bid to make the environment more eco-friendly, Vechain has decided to go completely green. Amidst all these, Vechain would continue delivering openness, transparency, and trust to its adopters and the crypto community.

Sometime in August 2020, Vechain announced a blockchain-based sustainability solution that oversees the maintenance of businesses, helping them be more efficient, transparent, and eco-friendly. Since this announcement, Vechain has received several recognitions as well as partnership deals.

Vechain as the most appropriate food distributing cryptocurrency

One of the core visions of the Vechain network is building trust. In this case, it’s the impact of technology on the level of public trust (Vechain adopters) have on the network. Technology has been an integral part of day-to-day human interactions, even in the crypto community. With Vechain, there’s lowered risk of safety error and concerns about loss of data throughout the supply chain. Hence, you can consider this one of the main reasons you should buy Vechain amidst other cryptos.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we now have several payment methods that facilitate the supply chain’s finance and improve food distribution processes. According to the APAC Provenance Council, Vechain on joining the Council in 2020 has made it possible for Australia and China to trade their food supplies while facilitating their B2B payments after successfully meeting the first milestone delivery terms

The concept of sustainability is a very crucial one, even in the world of technology. Vechain recognizing this, has been tirelessly developing green technologies as part of its core belief of making the ecosystem greener, including the food distribution processes. More than any other reason, the Vechain network has remained dedicated and consistent in its service to the crypto community and the ecosystem. It has helped improve sustainability while providing a balanced and healthy future for humanity.

The price of Vechain may not be a strong reason for you to buy Vechain; however, as mentioned above, investing in cryptocurrencies is not just about price. Vechain being one of the leading green cryptocurrencies is about enough reason why you should invest in it. By 2025, most cryptocurrencies would have gone green in a bid to make the environment more eco-friendly and sustainable. Vechain is one of those leading green cryptos in the crypto community and has partnerships with industries sharing similar SDG values.

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