5 Front End Development Trends You Should Follow in 2024

A website’s front-end development involves developing its graphical user interface by using coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Web design tells you how the site looks, while front end development shows you how it’s actually done. In a field where front-end development trends are constantly changing, adopting new front-end techniques in a fast-paced industry is always essential.

The development of the front end of a website involves building the interface that customers use to interact with it. An online front-end consists of content such as photos, shopping options, and sale items. It is becoming increasingly important and relevant for businesses to implement efficient online shopping platforms. A front end is the visual appearance of a digital product. As trends emerge and change rapidly, they are often dictated by consumer whims.

Since frontend web development trends change so quickly, web application development teams must stay on top of them to do their jobs. It is for this reason that we have included in this article a list of some front-end development trends for the year 2021.

Top 5 Trends in Front-end Development

Below you will find a comprehensive guide to some of the latest and most interesting trends that you should know about even if you’re not familiar with the field.

  • JavaScript continues to gain popularity

JavaScript becomes more popular with each passing year. It has become the most popular language in the world for the past eight years. Different libraries and frameworks are available. Although there are many frameworks available today, the two most common are React and AngularJS.

It is a programming language designed to add life to both on the client-side and on the server-side of web pages. The majority of features provided by the web are based on JavaScript. Whether advertisements, pop-ups or synchronous calls, JavaScript handles everything foIt is estimated that at present there are over 1.4 million JavaScript libraries for programmers and available to web developers all over the world, which are helpful for developing websites. In addition, the JavaScript engine is now included as part of the majority of browsers to accelerate computations necessary to produce these web pages. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the use of JavaScript as a front-end development language that has numerous libraries available.

  • Chatbots which are AI-based 

Many questions in customer experience can now be answered by AI-powered chatbots. By making customer interactions more human, they help companies develop long-term relationships with customers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, chatbots have become even more efficient and convenient. 

Their ability to understand human speech allows them to provide more logical responses. They are able to hold a conversation with you as an actual human and make you laugh. So it makes sense that AI-based chatbots are among the most anticipated trends of 2021.

  • Gatsby

The Gatsby framework, if you’re not familiar with it, provides a web application development framework that integrates React, GraphQL, and Webpack to build static websites.

Pre-rendering features are available for Gatsby to circumvent the wrapping issue. Thus, Gatsby is not relying on servers to render anything when a request is made as it takes care of all of that when the application itself is developed. A crawler does not access your AP directly, but rather, a fully rendered HTML copy is stored on the server to allow for easier crawling when it comes to your SPA. This is mostly due to the fact that it offers developers an excellent development experience. This framework has been identified as a most rapidly growing framework, as outlined in the Gatsby Market Report.


  • Animated graphics and designs

The attention of the user can be captured through animation on a relatively straightforward subject. Most people would rather see a picture of the weather, clouds, and thunderstorms rather than words and numbers. Your website has a higher probability of being remembered if you capture users’ attention. Thus, animation and motion designs have become the most popular trends in this article, as they are purely from the perspective of improving user interaction. These trends are becoming increasingly important. 


The CSS animation technique allows any object to appear animated in a smooth and compelling way. A similar effect can be achieved through graphic designs, but predefined graphics are less responsive to user input than interactive animations. JS lovers can take advantage of the JavaScript libraries as anime.js, mo.js, velocity.js, etc. It’s certainly possible to use them as well, but you’ll need to have some knowledge of JQuery and JavaScript.


  • Jamstack 

APIs, JavaScript, and Markup are all part of the jamstack acronym. The enterprise architecture consists of a combination of the aforementioned components for the creation of a secure, scalable, efficient, and affordable website. A combination of JavaScript, reusable APIs, and pre-built HTML markup, the new web development architecture provided an improved development experience, better performance, and lower costs. Market growth for front-end development was significant in 2021, with a forecast of continuing growth in 2021.


Through the use of pre-built markup and assets distributed over a content distribution network, Jamstack apps provide faster performance with a greater degree of security. Additionally, a monolithic architecture makes development easier, especially for frontend engineers. Through the subtle application of web development concepts, Jamstack is an intriguing architecture.


Your knowledge of front end development includes the topics, languages, techniques, and architectural approaches that are most promising. Staying on top of the latest trends in the rapidly evolving field of software development is essential. You can get help from the best software development agency.

They’re the ones dominating the industry right now; frontend developers right now; they’re the ones dominating the industry at the moment. Taking a look at these trends will allow you to better understand the impact. Consider the effect that these trends can have on your project or career.

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