Top 5 Casino Card Games That You Should Try at Least Once

Casino card games are always the best casino games to start with, especially for beginner gamblers. For starters, most of them are easy to play. Moreover, most of these card games have a low house-edge percentage and, as a result, have better odds of winning.

Below are the top 5 online casino card games that gamblers should try at least once.

Any experienced casino player can attest that blackjack is one of the best casino games. For starters, blackjack is an easy game with straightforward rules. The goal is to have a number higher than the dealer’s without exceeding 21, so it isn’t a complicated game.

Online blackjack is also a “less intimidating” casino game because participants play only against the dealer and not their fellow players. So, individuals, especially newbies, cannot feel intimidated by the more experienced players.

Blackjack also has a low house edge percentage (less than 1%), presenting players with better odds of winning.

Remember that blackjack has several variants, so it’s crucial for individuals to check which blackjack version their online casinos have before playing. It’s also vital for players to familiarize themselves with the casino’s blackjack rules before participating. This is because some rules of this game vary from one casino to another. For instance, there are online casinos that require their blackjack dealers to stand on soft 17, while others require their dealers to hit on soft 17.

  • Online Baccarat

Baccarat is another casino card game that has won many gamblers’ hearts. Like blackjack, this game is easy to play. It’s easier to master than blackjack because little to no strategies are needed to play this game. The aim of baccarat is for the players to bet on whether they or the banker will have the best hand or whether they’ll tie. So, this game relies more on luck and less on strategies.

Baccarat also has a low house edge percentage, approximately 1% on both the player’s and banker’s hands. And the lower a casino game’s house edge percentage, the better chances of winning.

While this game doesn’t rely mainly on luck, it doesn’t mean that players don’t require a couple of tricks up their sleeves to increase their chances of winning. Also, remember that there are several baccarat versions, so it’s important for players to check which variant their online casinos are offering before playing.

  • Three-Card Poker

Three-card poker is one of the best online poker versions, especially if you’re new to poker. The goal of this game is to have a better hand than the dealer using only three cards, so it’s a pretty easy casino game to master. Another advantage of this game is that individuals play against the dealer, not each other, making it less intimidating.

This game also has pretty simple rules. A player has two options after being dealt cards: play or fold. If a player decides to fold, they will forfeit their cards and Ante bet. On the other hand, if a player chooses to play, they will keep their cards and continue to play until the end, when their cards are compared with the dealer’s.

  • Texas Holdem Poker

If you’re up for a challenge, try Texas Holdem Poker. The end goal of this online poker variation is to have the best possible hand (according to the game’s hand rankings) using two-hole cards and five community cards.

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Unlike the other card games mentioned above, Texas Holdem poker participants play against each other, not the dealer. While this poker version mainly relies on skill and less on luck, it is highly rewarding if players know their way around this game.

  • Video Poker

Another online poker variation that is ideal, especially for beginners, is video poker. This game based on five-card draw poker (another simple poker version) is easy, making it perfect for players looking to familiarize themselves with poker in general before proceeding to more challenging versions.

Video poker setup is similar to slot machines, so it shouldn’t be hard for individuals to play, especially if they’ve played slots before. With this game, the participant must have a combination of five cards that give them a winning hand, and they automatically receive their payout. It’s that simple.

Another advantage of video poker is that the payouts are straightforward since there’s always a paytable on the machine’s screen that shows players how much they stand to win. Video poker also has a low house edge percentage (about 3%), meaning it has a higher return-to-player percentage.

  • Conclusion

Card games are undoubtedly the only casino category offering an all-around gambling experience. There are simple card games for beginner gamblers; there are challenging ones for those who are up for the challenge; there are card games for players who prefer playing against the dealer; there are games for individuals who love playing against other participants; the list goes on.

However, there are factors that gamblers need to consider before playing card games in their preferred online casinos. For instance, they need to check the card game version the casino has (since these games have several variations) to verify if it’s a version they’re familiar with.

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