Incredible AI Trends You Should Look Out For In 2024

The 21st Century is indeed an advanced age. With technological improvements taking place at a rapid pace, machines can now easily gather information, evaluate patterns, and even think for themselves. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only being utilized in industrial sectors but also in social and personal spaces. From marketing to space exploration, AI plays a key role in pretty much every field.

The current pandemic has proved to be beneficial in some ways, as AI has witnessed great development in 2020. Many companies have altered their policies to recreate an AI-based structure. With employees working remotely, they find it best to rely on AI for data security and other business-related tasks. Similarly for the education, media, as well as the food and beverage sectors, AI has been a supportive pillar since everything turned digital. Things look even more interesting for AI in 2020. Here are some AI trends you will definitely come across in the coming year. Watch out for Spot!

Top AI Trends To Anticipate in 2020


You’ll be bewildered by the extent of AI’s application in our daily lives. And with each passing day, machines are entering deeper into our systems. This prospect might scare some people, but the positive implications of this development are far more interesting. We, humans, are becoming dependent on technology like never before, and the best part about venturing into new territories is the endless possibilities they promise. So being hopeful for the upcoming year, here is a list of 4 trends you should anticipate in 2020.

Autonomous Vehicles

The world has already accepted the concept of self-driving cars. A complex set of chips integrated into the vehicle makes it capable of making decisions and performing tasks on its own accord. Tesla is the perfect example of mechanical machines combined with AI. The company’s recent deal with NVIDIA, to upgrade their current integrated chip, hints at a new level of autonomy. The ML and AI technologies are developing at an enormous rate, so the future of self-driving cars looks really promising. A world where cars can sense their surroundings and move safely with no human input is something to await.

Business Forecasting & Cyber Security

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Artificial intelligence combined with machine learning creates a reliable way for businesses to forecast market changes and make smart decisions. AI business forecasting reduces uncertainty and helps business owners monitor their actual progress. As any artificial intelligence development expert would tell you, there are many ways that AI can be used as a productive tool for business. It provides great assistance in securing online conversations, data storage, and also safeguarding intellectual properties. This could be beneficial for banks and investment firms to prevent potential fraud and unforeseen losses.

Personal AI Assistant

AI Technology has advanced to a level where automated speech recognition has become mainstream. From customer care service to personal assistants like Google’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, AI has transformed the way we interact with technology. Artificial intelligence allows the devices to control other machinery through an automation system. If the idea of having an AI personal assistant reminds you of Jarvis or Ultron, you are a true Iron-Man fan! And that hi-tech era is not as far as it seems.

Robot Pets

Yes, you read that correctly. Can you imagine having a pet that obeys your every command? What if the pet can take care of itself, doesn’t need food, and is an excellent companion? Who wouldn’t want it, right? The groundbreaking invention of Spot – The Robot Dog, by Boston Dynamics is nothing less than a marvel of technology. This machine is extremely mobile, strong, easily controlled, and most importantly very smart. Although Spot is a costly pet to adopt, its limitless data storage capacity and combat features make it a valuable tool for military and defense duties.

Artificial intelligence, within a short span of time, has opened endless doors of opportunities for mankind. At the moment, the applications of AI and machine learning are being explored in a variety of fields. We have satellites placed in space collecting data about our entire solar system, while tiny gadgets in our homes are learning our behavior to assist us with our day-to-day tasks in a better way. Our world has undergone a major change with the introduction of AI, and slowly but surely, it is changing our perspective, too. Whether it is good for us or bad, only time will tell. The one thing we know for sure is that when creativity meets technology, something remarkable is produced!

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