4 Ways To Outrank Your Competition On Google 

The reality is that companies are always involved in a fierce and proactive battle to outrank each other on Google. Those who are not executing the right strategies might not be able to appear on the search results at all. But the good news is, with the right strategies, even small brands can outperform large brands and companies on Google. This means that every business owner has a chance to land the top spot on Google’s search results pages and gain mileage because of it.

Analyzing your competition thoroughly and selecting the right keywords can make your brand more relevant to users and browsers. This is important, especially if you’re doing business in a specific niche. Also, by taking advantage of SEO agencies like this site: https://linkflow.ai/cannabis-seo/, you can increase traffic and exposure for your cannabis brand. 

Below are some surefire ways to outrank your competition on Google: 

4 Ways To Outrank Your Competition On Google seo

One of the most overlooked aspects of a web page is its title tag. Most website owners don’t know that formulating the proper title tags can actually optimize your website for search engines. This is the primary factor that helps search engines like Google understand what your page is all about. It’s also a short overview for users to determine and assess what your content is, so they can either decide to click the page or someone else’s. 

Needless to say, title tags influence search intent greatly. You can directly influence whether users click on your results or those of your competitors by framing your title tags correctly. Formulating perfect title tags will attract more people to click on your page. But it’s worth noting that adding specific keywords to it is not enough to cut it. 

There is more to writing titles than just stating the obvious. In fact, you need to strategize the creation of title tags. For instance, it’s wise to keep it short and sweet. The characters are limited to 66, so you have to maximize this effectively. Make sure the title tag describes the page briefly to set the right expectations. Finally, incorporate your primary keyword in the title tag so it will appear during searches.  

  • Go Through Your Competitors’ Keywords  

Your service or product is already listed on Google by other companies. So, chances are they might be using the same keywords as you. To rank higher on Google, you need to use unique and more targeted keywords. Using the same keywords as your competitors will make it difficult for you to compete with the pages they have already established. Hence, it’s best to use alternative keywords that have less competition. 

You can utilize Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner tool, and other keyword competition analysis tools. These tools allow you to see what keywords are being used and are trending in your industry. Search volume, location, and purpose can be used to filter results. Using such tools, you can improve your keyword research for SEO and devise an effective keyword strategy that will boost your rank.

4 Ways To Outrank Your Competition On Google seo

To organize this plan, list all the keywords you’ve found on your competitor’s site. Observe how their site is structured, how their tag lines are crafted, and even the type of content they’re making. By conducting a competitive analysis and study, you can discover the keywords used by your competitors. Knowing this data can help you strategize and effectively compete for content and rankings.

  • Publish Informative And Valuable Content  

Nowadays, people rely heavily on online content, even more than conventional media or other printed resources. One way to outrank your competitors effectively on Google is to focus on publishing quality and valuable content that your readers and visitors will enjoy. Depending on your industry, study the market and trends, and see what topics are usually searched by your target audience. Anticipate their needs and make sure you provide valuable information through your content.  

There are different content strategies that you can apply to outperform your competitors. But the basic rule is to provide helpful information in your post and answer customer concerns and issues.    

  • Strategize Your Website’s Structure  

Another crucial element that influences your rank on Google is your website structure. On your website, you will be judged by how easily your customers can find the relevant pages and how well your pages connect. Therefore, hiring the right web developers who can make your website structure efficient is valuable. There are website design tips to improve user experience and search engine rankings. 


Simply put, both search engines and users should easily access your web pages. When designing your website, it’s important to consider your visitors or users. It should be functional and easy to navigate. Aside from high-quality visuals, your site should also show crucial information prominently. This includes contact numbers, email and physical addresses, and even sign-up forms.

Wrap Up  

Ranking higher on Google can be made possible no matter how small, or big your company is. For a strong head start, you can apply the tips mentioned above. Studying your competition, improving title tags, publishing high-quality content, and improving your website structure is essential.

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