, The Newest And Hottest Online Dating Platform is the new name for an online dating playground for adults. The adult dating portal is set to launch on December 1, 2020, with the slogan “Your Sexual Truth Awaits”, which speaks for itself. The developers designed the algorithm to help the registered users to find like-minded people and explore the sexual world. The web-application allows the users to explore new heights to find people that share your opinions and thoughts to unleash sexual exploration, fun, and lust.

Readers can consider it an all-in-one website that hosts Video Chats, Groups, Games, Engagement, and more. It is a hub for singles, couples, groups, who are looking for new adventures to get out of the current life and maintain healthy sexual relationships. The founder understands the true value of loyalty and rewards loyal users with prizes, incentives, and monthly cash giveaway up to $5000. You can participate in the monthly contests to win the cash prize. Registered users can watch online video streams hosted by adult stars and influencers.


There are many unique features available on the website, and one of the notable features is “Open Bed Theatre”, where you can watch classic 18+ cinemas. Registered users can watch Live Streams of similar site users as well and communicate with them via Chat Box and get a response from the host. We have mentioned the word “all-in-one” because it has an Open Bed official Gift Store, where you can purchase virtual gifts and send it to favorite streamers on the platform to get their attention. If you want to try some of the new sex toys available in the market, then you can order from Official Open Bed memorabilia at an affordable price. The Open Bed developers are going to release Android, iOS, and desktop-class applications for the users as well.

The Wilson-Bey Group Multifaceted LLC, creators of “,” say users will never want to log out!

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