University of Washington Mobile: An Example of a Functional App All Educational Institutions Should Develop

Developing a mobile app is the right step for the administration of an educational institution to take. The University of Washington is a perfect example of a college that makes life easier for its students and creates an app where they can find everything they need in terms of studying, fun activities and meeting fellow classmates. No matter whether one wants to find out more about the University of Washington minimum wage study, find some tips on how to write the University of Washington supplemental essays or learn more a list of events for the month, the app is the place one needs to check first. In case one is looking for help with the University of Washington essay writing, the app might come in handy as well.

University of Washington Mobile Features

So, you have successfully dealt with the task of writing the University of Washington supplemental essay and have become a student there. The next step for you to take is to get ready for a new exciting chapter of your life and to download the college app. Here are some of its most useful features:

  • Personalized info on any subject you are interested in
  • A full list of emergency and safety zones on campus
  • Tons of UW resources and technology tools within the app
  • Access to Canvas courses
  • The option to find members of faculty and staff, as well as other students at UW
  • A full list of events at college and on campus
  • Maps
  • Studying materials that help students deal with tasks of writing the University of Washington essay and other assignments

Benefits of developing a college app

Having a college app helps all students navigate their lives better. Yet, freshmen are those who benefit the most which is the reason why it is such an essential tool for anyone who has just started college. The example of the University of Washington proves that having a functional mobile application assists students in finding information, connecting with other students, dealing with the task of writing the University of Washington essay and figuring out which event to attend. Apart from that, such apps typically have lots of useful studying resources, as well as safety information for those who feel unsafe walking on campus at night.

What is vital to mention in regards to the assignment of writing the University of Washington essay is that its students can connect with others who are currently working on this task as well. As a result, they can help each other submit an impressive University of Washington essay on time. Speaking about those applicants who are dreaming of studying at this educational institution and are currently working on their University of Washington supplemental essays, downloading the app is a great option for them to see what studying there will be like.

Examples of functional apps for college students

The University of Washington Mobile is one of those educational institutions that have managed to develop excellent applications. Using this app helps students find out who the University of Washington basketball coach is, what scheduled events are planned for the evening, as well as where to look for assistance with the University of Washington essay prompt. Another great example is Stanford Mobile developed by Stanford University. Their app helps students navigate the campus, learn more about dining options, access library resources, see what’s on, read the news as well as stay in touch with faculty, staff and other students.

Developing mobile apps is the future of educational institutions. Sooner or later having a mobile app will become essential for any college administration. Until then, progressive colleges can take a huge step forward and develop a functional app their students will enjoy using on a daily basis. Besides, there are a few superb examples one can follow in they don’t know where to start. Both the University of Washington and Stanford University have managed to develop excellent and bug-free apps that come in handy the moment a student needs to connect with their classmates, access library materials, figure out what to do in the evening or find a new spot on campus to get lunch.

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