What Does The Department Of Transportation Do?

A federal cabinet bureau, the department of transportation or DOT was acknowledged in 1966 by Congress for the development and management of transport in America. DOT has united 30 plus transportation agencies for its functioning in various states of America; for example, Kansas DOT is working efficiently in the state of Kansas and is successfully maintaining the public roads there.


Why did America need to have a department of transportation? Of course, because of its ever-increasing population. An increase in population demands more and more industries of clothing, food, and a lot more, and the industries ultimately depend upon quick transport of goods and services across the borders and within the nation as well.


So, for the safe and sound, and quick transportation system, the establishment of DOT was a dire need.


Although the DOT is highly concerned with highways, it also has far-reaching abilities and deals with a wide number of offices. But still, the overall priority of the DOT is to provide a secure and facilitated route of conveyance to the masses not only to stabilize the economic status of the nation but also to increase the nation’s confidence in its state.


The Mission Of The DOT

The mission of the DOT is to consolidate America with a guaranteed modern and safest transportation system ensuring economic strength and global competitiveness.


The DOT also focuses on standardizing the quality of life in rural as well as urban communities bringing in a more productive environment for businessmen and all the workers out there.


How Does The DOT Work?

The DOT is all about the maintenance of the public roadways and vehicles and automobiles that travel on them. For this, three DOT agencies are established that do their job efficiently and these agencies along with their functions are:


1.     Federal Highway Administration Or FHWA

A division of the DOT, federal highway administration is meant basically for highway transportation. FHWA looks for the funding that comes from gasoline tax for the maintenance and construction of the national highway system. FHWA makes sure that these fundings are being used for the right purpose, and all the standards are being met.


Additionally, FHWA is also known for the provision of highway designs and construction services to the lands that come under the federation. Researching for congestion, highway materials, construction techniques, roads safety is another worthwhile function of FHWA. FHWA along with the other two DOT agencies is maintaining the state of the national highway system remarkably for years.


2.     National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Or NHTSA

The mission of NHTSA is to make sure that the lives of the common people are safe. It aims at protecting people from injuries, minimizing road accidents, and reducing the economic losses due to these accidents. NHTSA administers the consideration of traffic laws and standards, it works to minimize motor theft and losses in fuel economy.


Other important features of NHTSA involve the provision of a license to the motor manufacturers and importers, conduction of identification numbers for motors, blocking or allowing import and export of automobiles, providing insurance for the vehicles, and much more.


3.     Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Or FMCSA

The federal motor carrier safety administration, as the name shows, primarily aims at enhancing the security of automobiles and commercial motor vehicles and regulating the truck industry. FMCSA also works for the reduction of road crashes, road injuries, and mortality rates due to road accidents.


Other dominant functions of FMCSA involve delivering educational safety messages to motor carriers, drivers, and common masses, keeping in check the consumer complaints, and insurance of motor carriers. The motor carriers are supposed to get registered with a DOT number and strictly follow the safety regulations set up by FMCSA and other DOT companies for safe and sound traveling and functioning.


More About The DOT

Apart from these, the DOT is a fusion of tens of organizations and authorities that have provided around 57,000 people with a well-paying job that has improved the economic and living status of the nation. It has remarkably attracted a flood of businessmen to invest here and generate a splendid profit, all the business owners have to do is to understand the broad-reaching functions of the DOT, follow all the rules and regulations, and let the things get done.

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