The right way to choose the best migration service for Magento 2

Technical implementation is one of the integral components of the transition to the updated version of Magento. Neglecting the choice of specialists – negative consequences for the store, loss of customers and losses. Rebuilding a reputation is much more difficult than maintaining it. Therefore, a few useful tips will definitely not be superfluous for you at the stage of choosing an agency.

Hire a Magento Migration Expert

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration with the help of expert developers is a solution that saves not only your money, but also nerves, effort and time. Hiring a Magento migration expert starts with getting to know:

  • portfolio of the company and its individual employees;
  • cases for solving non-standard situations;
  • tariffs for services and not only.

In most cases, a specialist who can handle the entire range of Magento migration tasks is not enough. This is a team work, where each specialist fulfills his role. Much depends on the desired tasks and the tools to achieve them.

Hire a Magento developer with a clear track record

Portfolio is one of the key factors to be guided by when choosing a performer. And before you hire Magento Theme Developer, pay attention to his merits. If we are talking about an agency, find out:

  1. What opportunities are offered for implementation.
  2. How many specialists are on the staff, what is the profile of their activities.
  3. Prices for each type of work.

With an agency, a store owner will find more solutions than the same freelancer can offer. Having analysts, SEO specialists, programmers, designers on the staff – the end result is significantly different. Yes, this option is more expensive, but does anyone need an uninteresting product? Unlikely. However, you can also find a specialist from among freelancers. But, there are a number of disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancers

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What does the store owner expect from the Magento 1 to 2 migration process executor? Surely more functionality and adaptability of the site, quality work and more. And, wanting to save money, freelancers are often involved in the work. This is where the roulette game begins: will the result work or not? Disadvantages:

  • lack of responsibility on the part of the freelancer;
  • questions on competence …;
  • a narrow range of services, significantly inferior to the offers of agencies;
  • time and cost estimates are rarely clearly marked;
  • rarely, support is provided after completion / acceptance of work.

Hire a Magento developer who offers the best support

Among specialists in the development of Magento 2, there is a distribution of ranks. The highest level is a leading specialist with a number of necessary knowledge and high management skills. This implies the ability to work with:

  • Core PHP;
  • knowledge and ability to apply HTML programming language;
  • JavaScript and queries as well as plugins and other technical knowledge.

Competence largely depends on whether the specialist has his finger on the pulse. In other words, does he follow the latest changes and system updates. Follow-up support is one of the key factors to consider when choosing an executing company.

Magento migration budget plan

When choosing a Magento 1 to 2 migration agency, you need to be clearly aware that the final amount is determined after the budget has been drawn up. Calculations include:

  • the cost of paying for the work of specialists;
  • the cost of plugins, extensions and programs required for the implementation of tasks;
  • additional costs for attracting specialists outside the state (if necessary);
  • service packages, for example, maintenance later and some other costs.
  • The amount depends entirely on the complexity of the customer’s request.

Find the Right Magento 2 Migration Service Provider

Make sure the agency has the necessary resources before entering into a contract. Don’t think of value as a key factor in valuing a company. A focus on quality and real skills is the key to success.


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