Buy Views, Likes, Followers And Real Comments For Facebook, Instagram | LynkHero Review

Social media is a powerful tool for gaining excessive amount of credit online and offline. I came across several individuals, who are working for businesses, companies, and projects, and they were able to close the deal because of social media following. By gaining plenty of Likes, Comments, and Followers online can shape your online profile for sure, and it does impact professional life.

What is LynkHero?

LynkHero is a Digital Marketing company that provides Likes, Comments, Followers, etc. The company is offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses at an affordable cost. One simple request on the official page will bring hundreds or thousands of engagement on the social media pages. The company is not associated with any social media platform and they are individual companies providing the services.

1. Number of Sites

I was surprised that LynkHero supports so many social media websites, video websites and music-based websites. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a musician, professional, businessman or belong to a unique profession because the service provider got you covered. Currently, LynkHero supports YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, FB, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitch, TikTok, SnapChat, Periscope, and more. Instantly, you can grow engagement on any given profile, and I believe it is an effective method for multiple requirements.

2. Engagement

I’m working on YouTube videos a lot lately, and landing the video on trending page is a difficult task. By purchasing high-quality engagement, I can land the video on trending page and it is an effective method that brands are using nowadays. By purchasing, you can increase video rank on YouTube, and it requires higher engagement. The same theory applies to social media websites and others. The term engagement stands for Likes, Comments, and Shares, and it always works on multiple social media sites. I recommend doing research on the site algorithm behavior and create a strong strategy based on it.

Remember, your plan might fail at the beginning because your research might be not enough. YouTube constantly changes the patterns by updating it on a frequent basis, personal experience. I recommend working on research and using boosting services properly. I mentioned the number of sites Lynk Hero supports and it can increase YouTube subscribers, Twitch followers, and more in an instant.

3. What’s the maximum amount of engagement can Lynk Hero drives?

I consider it a valid question because business people need one hundred thousand engagement on the video or post on the website. For instance, let us take FaceBook for this process, and you can get a maximum of 10,000 followers, 500 comments, and 5000 likes on one single post. On YouTube, you can amass 200,000 views, 10,000 likes, 500 comments, and 10,000 shares. The number of engagement depends on the website to website, and they seem to take multiple orders. The company mentioned that they will start delivering the task within hours of the payment.

4. Refund

I always take a closer look at the refund process, and Lynx Hero did not provide in-depth of the process. The management mentioned in the official page that they will start processing the work within hours of the payment. Of course, they don’t encourage dissatisfaction and open to talk about it. In case, if the management fails to deliver what was promised to them, then the financial department will initiate the refund.

5. Is it safe & legal?

Lynx Hero clearly mentioned that it is completely safe and legal. Honestly, paid traffic should be trackable, and transparent for multi-billion dollar companies such as Twitch, YouTube, etc. Lynk Hero doesn’t provide enough information about the accounts used in the process. I recommend using similar services at a limit, and I would like to give an example to explain it. If I get 100 likes and 10 comments, then I would buy 50 likes & 5 comments only. The ratio should never exceed above 50% and the risk decreases even lower when you maintain 25% ratio.

How to purchase followers using LynkHero?

Allow me demonstrate how you can purchase followers on the official website. Many of the readers might be newcomers to the business, so I would love to give a quick demonstration.

Step 1: Visit the official LynkHero website.

Step 2: Select the social media site or other sources.

Step 3: Let the page load and the options will appear in two seconds after loading. Scroll down until you find “PROMOTE YOUR VIDEOS” and click on the required one.

Step 4: Select a number of views and other requirements. Also, the payment will be updated depending on the selection. Make sure to add URL in the empty field and it should be valid.

Step 5: Complete the payment using PayPal, Visa, Maestro, Master Card, Amazon Pay, and more.

Once the payment is completed, then the company will start pushing the order in a few hours.

Bottom Line

For boosting engagement of the Twitch video, Facebook post, Instagram post, and others. Do not overuse the service and get penalized by the multi-billion dollar company. Using the service to boost the profiles, and FB pages, and let us know what is missing in the service in the comment section below.

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