During the summer vacations, many people decide to go on a day trip. Especially at the time of the 9-euro ticket, it was easy to reach another city. And on the train, it is also no problem to play blackjack online in Canada

No matter where you live in Germany, it is easy to visit another city. Regardless of the distance, you only spent 9 euros for a whole month. The card was valid for a month and you could use all public transportation and also the trains connecting the cities, except the ICE. 

However, the trains were usually overcrowded and delayed. Nevertheless, 52 million people bought such a ticket. And spent a lot of time waiting. 

This ticket saved tons of CO2 emissions and traffic jams became less frequent. A great relief for the environment. The students were also happy about this new freedom and wanted to explore their country. This was because the ticket was valid for local transport and between cities. 

This made it easy to explore other cities and regions. No matter if one wanted to see cities, museums, stores, or even hikes. You can easily find all that in Germany. Even if it is too hot in the summer, there is a small lake around every corner. But for that you should get up early, otherwise, you have no chance to find a place for your towel. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a great relief to be able to leave home so spontaneously and explore the country.

With the rising prices of gas and oil, airline tickets have also become more expensive. Therefore, most people in Europe have decided to stay at home or at least in their country. 

The places are countless. So it is hard to decide where to go. It depends on many factors. For example, if you want to relax, you can chill by a lake for a day. If you want to see another city and have the full city break experience including a museum, you can go to a city nearby. Maybe you love nature more and want to go hiking. Do not forget your sunscreen, though. Another option is to visit an open-air historical site. In Germany, you can find such places everywhere.


But there is a top 10 list that you should definitely check out. Erfurt is one of them. It is located in Central Germany and is a beautiful small city with good food. If you love history, you can see many old houses. Definitely worth a trip. Another city is Münster. It is a real student city with lots of opportunities to ride your bike. You can spend your time with delicious ice cream in one of the many parks. 

Regensburg in Bavaria is also another city that is worth a trip. Valhalla is also not far away, which was built by a Bavarian king. There you can see many statues of ancient gods and goddesses. 

Other cities are Lübeck, Bamberg, Görlitz, and Freiburg. Depending on what you like. 

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