What to Play if You are A Casino Beginner?

A new player is exposed to every casino possibility, which can confuse many beginners. This mostly happens when you have to select the suitable game for the best results. 

You can try several game options, with casinos offering slots and card varieties. Here are the best casino games for new players.

Card Games

Online casinos include some of the popular card games, which at one point, most people have interacted with or heard of. Here are some of the best card games for beginners:

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Blackjack is popular and is one of the simplest casino card games. It is a fast-paced variety involving the normal 52 cards and has easy rules that offer excellent winning odds compared to others. The game’s main objective is to get to 21 as fast as possible without messing up your cards.


Poker is arguably the most famous card game worldwide, and online casinos, via their video version, are great for a beginner. It is based on five-card slots/rows, where you compete against a computerized opponent and mainly involves getting the best hand. 

You can interact with video poker on betway malawi and experience the game’s easy procedures. Additionally, the platform offers other betting options which you can try at any time due to the convenience of the site.


You must be familiar with this card game if you watched the James Bond sequel, signifying the popularity of the variety. It has exciting but fun dynamics where you are to stake on the player (yourself) or the dealer, where the totals of the cards handled by the dealer determine the winner. If the sum of cards dealt is the following:

  • 2 or 3: dealer wins 
  • 4 or 5: tie
  • 6 or 7: you win

Slot Games

At first glance, the slots’ gameplay might seem complex, but they are surprisingly easy to interact with. Moreover, slot varieties are technologically improved, involving various instructions, dials/buttons, and visuals to help players. Here are some of the slots examples:

  • Reel slots
  • Single-coin machines
  • Video slots (popular)
  • Progressive slots
  • Touch screen versions
  • Multi-payline varieties
  • 3D slots

Sites like Betway will allow you to play a demo and decide if the specific version suits you. You can get slot versions adapted to your favorite books, video games, movies, and tv shows, making it easier for you in the first interaction. Such slot versions include: 

  • Narcos
  • Jumanji
  • King Kong Fury
  • King Arthur


Roulette is common in Betway and other online casinos, where you gamble on the location (numbered and colored slots) of a tiny ball on a spinning wheel. You’ll find 18 black and 18 red digits on standard wheels, excluding the green zero. You can either wager on a single digit or a collection of numbers.


You are spoiled with options as a beginner intersecting with online casino gameplay. Almost all platforms offer a guide through demos and illustrated instructions, a service that might extend to in-game plays for some versions. It is also essential to know that the house always has the advantage; thus, you should start with a low stake as you get accustomed to the games.

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