The Major Aesthetic Clinic Technology Trends for 2024

The recent global developments seriously affected the health and aesthetic medicine industries. New regulations and habits were introduced which shifted the course of major aesthetic clinic technology trends. Some of the changes were expected, some have come almost entirely as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. In any case, the technology trends for 2021 can already be seen and clinics should do their best to develop accordingly.

The Patient Experience

Although this might seem obvious to some, it cannot be stressed enough how important the patient experience is going to be in 2021 and beyond. Bad patient experience can tarnish even the best medical practice, and clients tend to rely primarily on their experience with the clinic when they form their opinions.

This is exactly why clinic management software should be made to make the patient-clinic interaction as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With proper clinic software the patient is exposed to necessary tasks and forms only, with the rest being handled instantly and automatically by the AI. This increases the efficiency of the workflow, saves the patients’ time, and it sure does improve the clinic’s reputation in the eyes of the patients.

Seamlessly Automated Payments

Tightly connected with improving the patient experience in general, the ongoing trend in aesthetic clinic technology is to automate and simplify the process of payment. Integrating invoicing, revenue, and payments into the workflow gives clinics more control and stability in finances and greatly reduces the administrative and human error factors.

The previously complex and disliked procedures such as e.g. deposits or no-show fees become non-issues with properly automated finances, and as such no longer degrade the quality of patient experience. Seamlessly automated finances also keep the clinic paper-free and spare from the need of unnecessary administration. With finances done in the background, both patients and medical experts can focus on what really matters, and that is health and aesthetics.

Video Conferences and Remote Check-Ups

Although telemedicine and remote examinations have been a thing before the pandemic, today they have been put in the forefront of technological developments. In certain places having the option of video meetings can make all the difference for a medical aesthetic institution. Still ongoing strict regulations reduce the total patient traffic through clinics worldwide, so delegating certain non-essential or low-priority meetings to video calls can help alleviate the new consequences.

The pandemic has not caused the trend, but merely accelerated it. Remote meetings can save time, both to patients and to experts. Less hassle means the option is more attractive to people with less available time, and it provides a boost in overall efficiency of the clinic’s schedule.

Standardized Medical Records and Data

To enhance the storage and analysis of patient medical records and data has always been the goal of clinic management software. Better sorted medical records improves the success rate of procedures and makes the life of the medical experts that much easier. Even the non-medical data can help the clinic software with sales, marketing, and targeting.

In addition to this, many healthcare systems have developed stricter regulations when it comes to patient’s data privacy and security. Making sure that every regulation is respected is a great boon to a clinic’s reputation.

Cloud-Based Technologies

Cloud is the new standard in nearly every industry that is related to software. The benefits to this are many and with no real disadvantages. Instead of having to provide infrastructure, security, and maintenance that can amount to a whole IT sector in a clinic, the clinic “rents” these services from an online company. For much less investment, the clinic gets top-tier service that is safe and secure. For example, even if a device gets stolen from the clinic, the data is still safe, stored in the cloud, and available to your experts on the go.

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