Travel Booking Websites that Accept Crypto

With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more accepted, the travel booking sites are entering a new age of destination holidays. With a more versatile mode of payment, travel booking websites are changing how we book and pay for our travels.

Many online travel agencies have embraced the digital age by incorporating cryptocurrency payment methods into their systems. As a result, it is possible to travel without having to worry about exchange rates. With just one currency in your account, you can travel multiple countries. However, cryptos are still not as prevalent as normal currencies. So we will specifically mention those booking sites that gives you the power to use crypto currencies.

Travel Booking Websites that Accept Crypto

Cryptocurrency payments are a way to book flights, hotels and airlines in these travel booking sites. Apart from that, there could be variations in how they accept the payments.


Leading the charge in the cryptocurrency travel space is Travala, a blockchain-enabled travel agency that accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies in addition to credit and debit cards. Travala gives users the freedom to book travel using digital currencies, offering over 2 million options for hotels, airlines, and other services.

This cutting-edge platform is convenient for users with a variety of digital assets because it supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. Travala guarantees transaction security and transparency by integrating blockchain technology with travel bookings in a seamless manner, giving customers a reliable and effective travel planning experience.

Alternative Airlines

Among the top online travel companies that have embraced the cryptocurrency revolution is Alternative Airlines. The platform offers a wide range of payment options, including popular cryptocurrencies, and an extensive network of over 40 foreign payment gateways. This varied payment ecosystem serves the needs of the world traveler by facilitating the booking of travel and lodging using users’ preferred digital assets.


Destinia becomes the go-to option for tourists wishing to spend a lot of Bitcoin. This all-inclusive travel website offers more than just flights and lodging; it also provides services like train and car rentals, airport transfers, and more. Apart from the ease of utilizing Bitcoin, Destinia offers its users features like spending caps and the capacity to organize vacations based on themes, which improve the overall experience of organizing travel.


CheapAir embraces the financial technology of the future by taking payments in well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In addition, it offers its clients affordable airfares, lodging, and other travel-related expenses. The platform goes above and beyond by giving consumers financial flexibility through pay-over-time plans with low APR. Furthermore, CheapAir offers a special price drop payback feature that guarantees customers will receive credits in the event that the price of their scheduled flights drops after they make a purchase.

Expedia and its relation with Crypto Currency

Many travelers who hold cryptocurrencies are curious about Expedia taking bitcoins. Expedia, being a behemoth of travel booking site has accommodated $5.2 billion in 2020. Moreover, the user base of this platform is also growing with more than 20 million active members.

With Expedia, travelers can get high discounts on VIP hotels that are exclusively partnered with the company. They have more than a million properties and rentals under Expedia. Tons of airlines also have a strong relationship with the old Microsoft project start-up.

Expedia was one of the earlier companies aboard the bandwagon of cryptocurrency. In 2014, the first travel booking agency to accept bitcoins was Expedia. The execution of such practice was formed by the people behind the company such as developers, engineers, and development specialists. Well it’s been a long time since 2014 and many other competitors of Expedia also started accepting cryptocurrencies to this day, Is that the same with Expedia? You can find out about that in the in-depth expedia bitcoin saga here.


The acceptance of cryptocurrency payments on travel booking websites is a big step in the direction of a decentralized and diverse travel sector. Travelers now have more options than ever to plan their trips using digital assets, with Travala, Alternative Airlines, Destinia, and CheapAir setting the example. These platforms value openness, safety, and budgetary flexibility in addition to convenience.

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