Shop Abroad Like A Boss With This iOS Real Time Currency Conversion App : TravelPrice

Exploring and collecting souvenirs from various places is a traveller’s delight. The joy of looking through the relics of a foreign land knows no bounds. But in today’s monetary world, we face a small yet irritating problem – deciphering the value of the item from the foreign currency tag. Exchange rates keep fluctuating with the diverse economy and make it difficult to determine the price of that exquisite foreign product. How easy would it be to find an app that does this currency conversion for you, within seconds? Well, brace yourself for TravelPrice !


TravelPrice is a mobile application launched by Apple for its iOS devices. It is developed by the Tech Stars Software, for passionate travellers. It has been made available on the Apple App Store on 21st December 2017. The entire file takes up a considerable space of 62.3 MB. It is priced at $3.99 at present in the US and at reasonable variations across the world.


TravelPrice is the answer to every traveller’s prayers. This iOS app converts the foreign price tag to your home currency to give you the exact value of the item in your own currency. All you need to do is, point your phone’s camera app to the price tag and TravelPrice will do the rest! Once the camera is on the price tag, TravelPrice works to get you the price in your home currency within a matter of seconds! Say goodbye to complex mental math, y’all.


Set your way to hassle-free shopping and explore the land in a few easy steps:

  • Install the application from App Store.
  • Set the currency to which you would like to convert the foreign prices.


  • Now when you point your phone’s camera at the price tag, it shall convert the price to your set currency at the latest rates.


  • Sit back and enjoy on the fly results.


This wonderful iOS app has good and responsive features. Some of the major ones are:

  • It works offline! Now save those roaming internet charges and decipher the price without using any internet.
  • It can read the digitally printed price tags of most of the clothing, grocery and lifestyle stores across the world! It is to be noted that, however, the application cannot read the hand written price tags.
  • The app stays up to date and keeps updating the currency rates to the minute. This feature shall work when the device is connected to the internet.
  • The app is available in various languages (32 approx.) and supports all the currencies around the world.


TravelPrice app is unique from the other foreign currency converter apps. For one thing, it does not require any input from the user! Yes, you read that right. You can just point your phone’s camera at the price tag and get it translated to your preferred currency offline. It does not even require a mandatory internet connection! It eases the irritation of shopping abroad by erasing the need to sharpen your math skills every time you look at the price.

While travelling, it is very common to lose track and overspend. Especially when in a foreign land, owing to the different currencies, we often go beyond the fixed budget unknowingly. Imagine having an unbelievably beautiful day of sightseeing and shopping and returning to your lodge only to find that you’ve ransacked your budget. Or, we sometimes buy an overpriced item or regret not getting that one beautiful souvenir. It does no good to cry over spilt milk and waste your travel time in regretting issues like this. All such confusions hinder the shopping experience abroad. TravelPrice is the solution for all these confusions, as it presents you with the correct value of the price in your home currency so you can keep a check on your spending and not miss out on your favorites either!


TravelPrice is an extremely useful and hassle-free application available on Apple App Store. It has minimal requirements and gives precise and accurate results. It is a brand new application which was recently launched on the Store. More features are expected to be added to the app early next year. Maybe you will be able to convert the prices of those delicious dishes on the menu!

TravelPrice is definitely recommended for travellers to eliminate hassle from their shopping experience. Get that artifact and control your pocket with TravelPrice!

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