What is the EHR System, and Why is it Important?

EHR system is the ability to systematize patient data quickly. If you use the old method of storing data in folders, there is a high chance of losing information. Also, if the doctor has poor handwriting, it will be difficult to understand the diagnosis or recommendations for treatment. Therefore, EHR software development can significantly simplify the work of doctors and speed up the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

EHR System Definition

An electronic medical record, short EHR, is an electronic version of a paper medical record. It contains all the necessary data, such as medical history, contraindications, and body characteristics. With the help of a healthcare software development company, EHR will be able to become a sought-after and necessary service. EHR allows you to give all medical data in quick access. With the help of this system, you can quickly determine the diagnosis and provide an effective treatment method. The program can contain both primary data about the patient and the characteristics of the body, such as the presence/absence of an appendix, past illnesses, or intolerance to any medications.

The main feature is that EHR can exist and be transmitted, not within the boundaries of one provider. This feature allows more than one provider to live on the market, and, at the same time, the medical card will be available to everyone if needed. For example, if the doctor can find your card with one provider and uses another provider, then when requested, your provider will share data with the doctor. The medical card is encrypted, preventing an attacker from learning the information.

Benefits of EHR systems

At the moment, we can get more and more information via the Internet, so there is a reason for EHR system development. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the advantages that EHR provides.

Simplified Work for Medical Staff

The whole point of using EHR is to make it easy for medical staff to get data. A single system allows you to exchange data with different doctors quickly. At the appointment, the doctor will immediately see the medical history and will be able to make the necessary diagnosis fast. You can also view which pills have been prescribed, which helps you know what the patient has been taking.

This system lets you view all the information remotely, significantly enhancing usability. In long-term treatment, the doctor enters all the data into a single system, and when changing the doctor, it will not be necessary to conduct tests again. Also, some tests can only be done once a year, so having all the difficulties in one place will significantly simplify everything. With the help of one database, patients will be able to receive more qualified help.

Opportunity for Patients to Know the State of Health

A single system for patients is an excellent opportunity to track their appointments and order medicines. Inside the application, you can communicate with the doctor, which allows you to receive recommendations. At the onset of the disease, it will be possible to make an appointment with a doctor quickly. Therefore, such a system will significantly simplify and improve the quality of medical care. With the help of EHR systems, it will be easier to diagnose severe diseases, which will positively impact reducing mortality from undiagnosed conditions.

With the help of synchronization with an electronic clock, it will be possible to respond to changes in breathing or falls quickly. This will help doctors respond to calls associated with loss of consciousness or heart attacks.

Key Specifics of an EHR System Development

The specifics are that you need to make such a system that will be reliable and will not produce errors. After all, a doctor’s mistake can cost a person’s life. When hiring specialists for development, you need to know that the program will work properly. Therefore, many providers use automation testing services that will ensure security. The system needs to do the following essential functions:

  • opportunity to make an appointment;
  • add medical data about a person;
  • View your data;
  • prescribe treatment ;
  • chat with doctor/patient;
  • View scheduled appointments.

These core features should be there when you release the app. After the release, adding more features to make the product more unique will be possible.


EHR is an opportunity for the future of medical systems. With the help of EHR, you can quickly obtain patient data and make more accurate diagnoses. EHR minimizes the chance of an incorrect diagnosis, and the patient will suffer because of this. When developing, you need to make a reliable application, so you should resort to automated testing. This will allow you to identify all errors.

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