Prime Cash Android App Helps You To Earn Hard Cash With PayPal

We have reviewed many apps in the past from different category but we didn’t touch on how you can make money from your android mobile. This time we will do it.

Prime Cash is app we are talking about since the app will help you to earn some hard cash by completing app download, surveys etc.

Some of you may have heard or used application like this and didn’t earned a single penny. But this one we are talking is different!

Prime Cash Review

Get it from for freeGoogle PlayStore

As always you will need to get it from Google PlayStore

Once you have successfully installed it, go on and open the app

Enter your email address and password you are good to go. Note you don’t need to verify email address


Design and home screen improved

It will bring up app homepage with offers that will let anyone to earn dollars for free during the first time

Referring friends from Facebook also helps you to get more points

Tap on the offers and see what’s there in for you and don’t forget to show the highest paying ones first


Campaigns available


Arrange by popularity


Arrange by category

hard money

Points and PayPal cash

checking out

My first checkout


Top earners

Once you reach the point threshold hit the one and enter your PayPal address wait for at least 48 hours to get the payment

They do offer support for the users of this application and you can verify this from the comment section in the store, also they are rated 4.4 in the store by users!

Note : don’t try to use VPN when it’s running your account will get deleted without any notice, so take care.

Good things in short

  • Simple design
  • Helps you to earn real money
  • Daily free credits
  • Survey are not limited to few countries
  • Fast and easy payment via PayPal

Recent update has been rolled out with these fixes

  • PlayStore didn’t opened up on our device running jelly bean
  • Unsupported protocol problem


  • Scrolling problem sometimes forces it to shut down!

Final Thought

We have used application like this in the past but Prime Cash is the only one we have received payment in PayPal.

Get it from Google PlayStore

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