Flyy: Real-World Metaverse | Android App Review

Social media has changed the course of the world and connected millions through the platform. Smartphones and computers have reached different parts of the planet, and technology limitations are not holding the populace back. Flyy has launched a unique virtual reality social media service for the users. Let me give you a quick introduction and why you should give it a shot.

What is Flyy?

Flyy is a social media metaverse app, and you can relate it with Facebook’s metaverse. Virtual reality has come a long way, and so has VR headsets technology. The mixture of 3D virtual reality and social media is what the Flyy app is all about. I have shown you how to sign up and use the app through the snapshots below. You will get a complete picture of the real-world Metaverse app.

Create Profile in 30 Seconds

You can download the app from App Store and Play Store for free. You don’t have to input credit card or debit card information. The real-world Metaverse app is for free, and it works smoothly on older devices.

1. Install the app.

2. Launch the app.

3. Tap the “Sign up” button.

4. You can sign up using Facebook and Google accounts.

Of course, you have an option to use an email address to create a free account.

5. Fill the empty fields.

a. Name

b. Phone number

c. Date of birth

d. Gender

Tap on the “Save & Continue” button.

I’m happy that you don’t have to input all information and start the journey with the name only. You don’t have to confirm the email address if you use an OAuth login.

The Main Menu

The main menu has five options, and the entire app consists of five options. I will walk you through the five options, and you will explore the Metaverse social media through the tutorial. Nothing is intimidating about the service, and I applaud the developers for simplifying the user interface.

1. Explore

New users can check out the “Explore” menu from the main menu. You can find new nearby users. Find recent posts from the registered users who live near your region. You can meet new people and communicate through the Metaverse channel. You can choose the users and chat with them.

2. Favorites Locations

Open the Metaverse map from the app, and find your favorite locations. You can save them in the app and access the saved destinations later. The app doesn’t have any restrictions, and you can save locations without fear of limitations. The real-world map has real-life places, and you can find restaurants, movie theatres, stadiums, hospitals, and more. You can save all sorts of destinations in the app and access them through the “Favorite Locations” tab.

3. New Post

The big blue + button helps you create new public and private posts. You can invite your friends on the platform and tell the world about your presence in the meantime. You can connect with new users by posting a new thread and telling them about you. The New Post tab works like any other social media post feature. You can create a private chat and have friends communicate without privacy breaches.

4. My Chat

You can find new chats and unread messages in the “My Chats” tab. You can consider the section an instant messaging app and access all conversations in one place. You can bring your friends or make new friends on the platform. You can text, receive, and send messages to the saved contacts.

5. Your Profile

The last tab is about the profile, app settings, and the Flyy app. You can access the user profile from the options and make changes accordingly. Access the App Settings and modify the settings to suit your requirements.

The main menu is designed beautifully and hassle-free for the newbies. Anyone can navigate and start meeting new people in the 3D Metaverse.

The Search Bar

Take one minute and use the search bar from the top section. You’ll be amazed to find new places, tags, and people using the search bar. I have shown you a few glimpses of the search section.

a. You can find new people from the search bar, and you can change the options from above.

b. You can find new places from the search bar.

c. You can find new places from the tags.

The tags have attached posts and relatable people in one place.

Overall, I love the way the developers designed the user interface for the newbies. You don’t have to spend time learning the UI and working with it. Install the app, create a new account, and explore the 3D Metaverse world.

Bottom Line

Flyy is an innovative 3D Metaverse social media app, and the map is based on the real world. The app utilize the location services to locate the user on the map, and give you immersive experience. Millions are enjoying the Metaverse technlogy, and you don’t have to buy VR headsets to experience it. Let us know what do you think about the Flyy app in the comment section below.

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