4 Ways Technology Makes Society Better

How Society Functions Better with Technology

Technology has been revolutionizing society for hundreds of years in ways that make life easier and more enjoyable. There have been so many new inventions over the centuries that it’s hard to pinpoint which ones have made the biggest impact. Each new advancement tends to build on the last, making each new invention a bit more complex. However, if it weren’t for something as basic as the wheel, our current society wouldn’t be what it is today.


While advancements in the past were not always mechanical, today’s technological advances are almost always electronic in some way. Whether it’s software that automates tasks or controls the intricate movement of robots, computers are almost always involved.


It’s hard to stay on top of all the latest and greatest improvements, so here’s a brief list of some of the most impactful ways technology makes today’s society better.


  1. Police officers use technology to keep communities safe


Law enforcement agencies may seem like they’re not that technologically advanced, but they actually use technology quite a bit. For instance, police officers use smart devices, like doorbells and surveillance cameras, to investigate crimes and collect evidence.


They also regularly access AI-powered databases to search for information about suspects and other people of interest. The AI aspect of these databases helps agencies make strategic connections that would be difficult to make manually.


Even with technology, police officers have a tough job of keeping their communities safe, but they have allies in the form of organizations that were created to support their efforts. For example, The National Police Association works hard to restore and strengthen relationships between law enforcement and community members through outreach programs and legal work. For instance, they often file FOIA requests and enter as a friend of the court when it will benefit communities.


Through the use of technology and support from allies, law enforcement officers have an easier time keeping communities safe.


  1. Free Wi-Fi from businesses

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It’s hard to find businesses that don’t offer free Wi-Fi these days. Although Wi-Fi was almost exclusively provided by coffee shops in the beginning, it’s become a standard and expected perk, even at grocery stores. Now you can find free internet just about everywhere, including restaurants, malls, and local mail centers.


With the proliferation of free Wi-Fi, it makes it easier for people to work from anywhere. Coffee shops are the traditional second office, but sometimes they can be too loud. To avoid this, many people turn to quiet corners in restaurants and other businesses instead.


For those who don’t have an office at home, the ability to work from just about anywhere makes it easier to start a new business, manage an existing one, and get work done. All that’s needed is Wi-Fi and a laptop.


  1. Home fitness tech motivates people


Society benefits when more people commit to living healthier lives. However, if you ask most people why they don’t go to the gym, the most common answer is that they don’t have time. We live in a busy world where time is scarce. For many, it’s not an excuse but a valid reason. However, home fitness technology is a game changer.


People who don’t have time to go to the gym to work out have varying reasons, but often, it’s parents with young children who don’t have a babysitter. Although anyone can get the equipment to work out at home, home fitness technology provides more motivation.


Instead of going to the store and buying racks of free weights and machines to turn your garage into a gym, self-contained home fitness tech will give you a good workout with a small footprint. For instance, there are band systems, like Bodylastics and the X3, there’s Peloton for cardio, and several wall-mounted machines that will give you a full-body workout while following along on a digital screen. It’s like having a virtual personal trainer, but cheaper.


  1. Online courses


Knowledge is power, but it wasn’t until online courses became a standard that people had access to learn anything they could imagine. Today’s online courses make it possible for people to do things like earn college degrees from home, become computer programmers, and learn how to find rare collectibles. If you can think of it, there’s likely an online course available.

Life is better with technology

There is definitely something to be said for living a simple life, but technology has a way of making life more convenient one small issue at a time. However, every once in a while, a major advancement changes everything, and it’s just a matter of time before the next wave of technology transforms society in a big way.

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