The Best of Euteller as Payment Option

Euteller is fast gaining popularity as an online payment scheme that assists clients in transferring their money to their bank in real time. Euteller is a private company that was founded in 2007 for Finnish consumers to make their transactions safe, efficient, and fast. It is widely used by people from Finland for almost everything from paying bills, online entertainment, paying groceries and online shopping since utility payments are one of the features of this payment option and it will automatically reflect in any of your desired payments without registration and real-time.

The Best of Euteller as Payment Option

Euteller is trustworthy to the consumers of Finland because since it is accredited by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Finland (FIN-FSA) hence the user has to have an account in any of the following banks:

· Sampo Pankki Bank

· Aktia

· Handelsbanken

· Lahi Tapiola

· Nordea

· OP-Pohjola Group

· Danske Bank

· Alandsbanken

Euteller acts as a connection between the client and the platform of the user and allows users to make secure payments without disclosing one’s identity because the bank will provide the user with a special Bank ID or ID information which will be used in any type of payment and other transactions.

The Importance of Euteller to Online Casinos

Euteller serves as an intermediary between the bank and the casino site. Euteller helps the transaction be facilitated in real-time and just like any bank transfer service they charge around 1.95% per transaction and their ceiling is around 2.95 euros. This payment option is perfect for the online casino since a huge amount of money is involved daily while maintaining the confidentiality of the user by not revealing their account name or number. For this reason, the user can feel safe from scammers or cyber theft.

For bettors who are Euteller users, there is no need to download an application or register to the site. They simply have to type the Euteller site from their gadget and it will automatically adjust to the screen size of the user. Type the Bank ID then you can do the transaction seamlessly.

Steps in depositing in an online casino thru Euteller

1. Before depositing to a casino site using this payment option, select Euteller from the list or payment choices shown on the screen. If you cannot find one, there is a possibility that this type of payment scheme is not accepted by the site itself or is not available in the location. Talk to customer service regarding this matter to save time and to know other options.

2. Once you are already in, choose your bank which is connected to Euteller, and automatically the casino site will channel you to the online banking platform of the financial institution. Now, you can log in using your ID information and then type in the deposit amount. A pin will be sent to the player for the validation of the identity of the user and then you will be redirected to the cashier.

3. Presto! You can enjoy any game provided by the site.

Some important information about Euteller

· Euteller works directly to the affiliated bank of the user using the Application Program Interface or the API therefore this payment scheme is not a digital wallet such as Paypal or Neteller.

· Withdrawals are not possible using Euteller because its main job is to transfer the user’s deposit to the account of a certain establishment.

· If using this payment scheme, the casino site will deposit the player’s winnings automatically to the customer’s bank account. However, it takes 72 banking hours or 3 days before the player can enjoy their winnings.

· Euteller is available to Finland and other countries in Europe.

Final thoughts:

Convenience is what the majority wanted to cope with in the fast-paced world. And these payment options are the answers to give the consumers comfort in their daily lifestyle. Online wagering is already part of the basic commodity of the people as a form of entertainment therefore having these type of payment options are indeed a breath of fresh air for the users.

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