What Are Transcription Services?

A transcription service converts speech to text. This is often done on pre-recorded audio files, but video-to-text services are also very common. Transcripts are either handwritten or created using automatic speech recognition (ASR) software. When considering transcription services for the first time, the prices and options can be overwhelming. Let’s take a look at who uses a transcription service and why you might need one, too.

Why Use a Transcript?

The most common industries that use transcriptionists are medical and legal. However, there are various other fields and groups of people that use transcription services. They are authors, podcasters, video content creators, filmmakers, corporate brands, and insurance and legal professionals.

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There are many reasons why professionals and businesses need transcriptions. Here are some examples:

  • Seamless Communication

One of the main reasons businesses use transcription services is to ease communication. In many instances, text documents are preferable for delivering messages as they are easier to consume and store.

  • Better Notes for Classes or Lectures

Learners absorb knowledge better when they have a written reference to a recorded lecture or presentation. If you want to spread a message more effectively, you need to use a transcription service.

  • Value-Added Feature for Podcasts

Another group of people who will find a transcription service valuable is podcast creators. They’ll reach a wider audience by transcribing audio files to text.

  • Smoother Post-production for Filmmakers

Filmmakers use transcripts at the post-production stage of the filmmaking process. The transcripts help clean the final footage and aid in the editing stage. Moreover, a good transcript also increases the reach of the final product.

  • Concise and Accurate Meeting Minutes

Writing complete meeting minutes requires the writer to remember every event that occurred at a meeting. A simpler way to get the minutes done is to record the session and have it transcribed.

What Are Your Transcription Options?

Transcription services either use human transcribers, automatic speech recognition (ASR) software, or a combination of both. Although ASR software is getting better by the day, human transcription services offer far higher levels of accuracy. Professional transcribers are able to decipher difficult words, work with heavy accents, and understand the context of the audio. The best services offer verbatim and non-verbatim transcriptions with recorded timestamps, speaker identification, and events like laughter, applause, etc.

A clean transcript is a lightly edited version with repetitions, stutters, and fillers removed to provide a more readable document. Finally, some human transcription services offer a summary option that outlines the recording at hand. Prices differ according to the complexity of the dialogue, quality of audio, number of speakers, and so on.

Benefits of Using a Transcription Service

As mentioned, transcription is an essential part of the running of most large corporations. However, working on a transcript is tedious and time-consuming. You can have an in-house team to handle your transcription needs, but that might not be the smartest option in terms of costs and deadlines. A transcription service has a dedicated team of industry specialists who understand that time and accuracy mean money.

  • Professional transcription saves time

Listening to a recording takes much longer than reading an equivalent amount of text. Even if you use software to speed up the recording, skimming through a document is far more efficient than fast-forwarding and listening to dialogue. It is easy to take notes. However, transcribing the audio files yourself might be complicated or too much work. A trained transcriptionist takes about an hour to transcribe 15 minutes of audio. Hiring a transcription service is, therefore, a more straightforward way to get the work done.

  • Access the experts in any field

Transcription companies provide different types of services, like transcripts for medical dictations, legal proceedings, and insurance claim interviews. Access to skilled transcriptionists who have knowledge in a particular field is akin to gold. They’ll understand the industry jargon and be able to produce a more accurate result.

Are There Any Threats in Using Transcription Services?

Given that companies that handle sensitive are the most common users of transcription services, confidentiality issues may arise. Let’s say you’re in the process of writing a book and want a quick and easy transcript of your work. You don’t want to risk your creativity falling into the wrong hands. However, if you use the right agency, this isn’t a problem.

A good transcription service makes its workers sign non-disclosure agreements. Moreover, you should always ensure that the provider you work with has a valid privacy policy and is trustworthy. Looking for a transcription service for a book that you’re writing? Head over to https://gotranscript.com/transcription-services/book-transcription and place your order today!

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