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Are you going to launch a new personal blog where you share your experience with the world? Then you will be probably looking for WordPress themes for blogging related niche and in this category you will find a handful of free and premium quality one’s. In this post we bring you some of best ones that we came cross having minimalist style like what you write is given more importance. If you think you are going to monetize your blog then the themes below may not work well for you.

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So coming to the point of minimalist here are list of free ones that you try out without spending a single penny

The first one in our list is BadJohnny

bad jonnyWhat we just think is simply just best one in the minimalist category and it’s feature rich

Note : this is a modified version of Twenty Twelve that comes as default

  • Google already made clear that your website should be responsive and luckily this developer follow this rule and we are happy to see it looked nice when viewed from our mobile web browser named as Opera Mini android

Passed our responsive test

  • Now talking about the speed, picture below explain it better
speed test

Getting 83 from PageSpeed is good!

Is it compatible with SSL?

  • We waiting for the reply from the developer

Other notable features

  1. Since it is cross browser compatible your blog will be good looking in all screens
  2. Advanced option lets you to customize it a little bit further
  3. Documentation availability?
  4. Yes its available from their website

See Demo
Know more

Wonders Lite

wonders liteWe were wondering why the developers named it like that? As we don’t see a premium version right now!

  • The unique feature is that it has a drop down menu in the mobile version and is also responsive
  • The other noticeable one is that the style of menu on the desktop top, like menus are active only if user clicks on the icon located at top left corner of the web page
mobile friendly

This package also passed responsive test

See in action
Know more

Note : Both the items above are not available in the repository



The unique feature of this is that its retina ready means users can sharp web pages on high end screens of desktops, laptops and mobiles

test 4

Success on the mobile friendly test

Get to know more

Ok did we find any concerns?

For easy and better navigation we think there should be rich Schema implementation in all the above mentioned.

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