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Gym Life is not an easy life and the majority of the people give up in a short time due to lacking motivation. Not having a proper plan or course to implement the routine also results in early signs of giving up. Fortunately, we have smartphones and applications available in the market for creating a good plan and schedule to implement the gym routine.


Check out Gym Life for free Android | iOS

What is the Gym Life application?

Gym Life is an Android & iOS application categorized under Workout Planner & Training Calendar. The application allows the downloaded users to plan out what they are going to do in the coming days or weeks, and never miss out on the workout again. I have tried out the functions, and it is designed for serious people, who don’t want to miss out on a workout.

Easy to use interface

Navigating a new application requires plenty of knowledge and the effort increases in utility category apps. However, I have to give the developers credit for making the Gym Life easy to navigate and understand how to work with it.

I roughly spent ten minutes on the application and started adding exercise to my workout plan. I do recommend the readers to try out the free version, where you can do plenty of things. You have to skip the sign-up page or else, you won’t be able to use it.

Number of Exercises & Stretching Exercises

I was surprised when the list didn’t end and I had to check the official page for an exact number of exercises. Currently, you can select up to 400+ exercises in the application and I’m pretty sure that another level.

I would love to take a few names, so you can comprehend what you got in the free edition. Twisting Jump Squats, Ab Crunch Machine, Inner Thigh Machine, Air Squats, Alternate Heel Touchers, Back Extension, Barbell Deadlift, Cable Shrug, Dumbbell Chops, and more. I’m not going to name all 400+ exercises but I would love to name a few.


The exercises follow alphabetical order, but I am not going to go through every single workout to find the one I’m looking for. I found filters useful in this case, where I could choose Muscle Group and Equipment based workout.

I selected Arms + Dumbbells because I want to work on my upper body part for the day.

Now, I have exercises filtered out for a specific workout, and I want to highlight an “Advanced” filter for experts or someone, who has in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Track your bodyweight

Fortunately, I’m not conscious about my weight, and I am losing my weight at a rapid speed due to Type 2 diabetes. But I know that it is a major factor for many individuals because losing weight is a tough task. You can track your weight and learn approximate numbers on how much weight you are burning.

Plan Customization

Create new workout plans and start customizing them for a broader look. For instance, you can change the color of the routine and distinguish between other schedules. You can write notes, change colors, add more schedules, etc. However, you have to purchase the premium license to access customization features.

Track your outdoor running and cycling sessions

Many Android & iOS smartphones come with Motion sensors, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Light sensor. There is a dedicated function that allows the individuals to check their stats and monitor how your workload affects your muscle groups. The tracking number of kilometers covered and the number of hours spent on the workout improves overall life. Improvising is possible when you have proper in-depth information on the effects and that’s what you learn from the statistics.

Gym Life Pricing & Plans

I’m jubilant to inform the readers that I can try the application for seven days under the trial period. Of course, smartphone consumers have to pay for the service upfront, but you have to cancel the trial period within 7 days of the period, and the paid amount will be refunded.

Gym Life plan starts from $10 per month, and then you can access all premium features including an unlimited number of workouts, Check your weekly workload, Add notes to your workouts, Organise Select colors, and more.

Bottom Line

Gym Life is an excellent application for someone, who is enthusiastic to workout daily, and remains healthy. I insist the smartphone consumers try health utility applications to keep themselves stay active and healthy. Let us know what do you think about Gym Life app in the comment section below.

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