Audials Android App Offers Free Radio Stations And Podcasts With Recording

radio imageEveryone in this life is surrounded with technology that helps them to gain perfection in the field of one’s own choice. It should be understood that this dependency of technology has gained so much importance that people have forgot the classic technology is what I would like to quote it as. By classic technology here I mean a technology that provides us with information but at the same time allows us to perform important different task, in simpler words to optimally utilize our time to increase productivity. The technology that I am referring to here is known as a radio.

Now when we think of a video a box comes to our thoughts which had a button to turn it on or off and secondly two knobs, one to increase or decrease the volume and the second to adjust the different frequencies to gain access to the channels that are available in that area. Let’s change the scenario a bit here, today’s radio is a still a box but that box is own as a cell phone or a mobile phone in this era of technology that we live in. there are still buttons that allow us to set the volume of the sounds that are coming out of the device, lastly it should be understood that there are pre defined channels on which different channels are made available to you through the internet.

The application that I am referring to here is known as the Audials. It is freely downloadable application that can be easily registered by using your own Facebook account or by utilizing the server of Audials and gaining a new login for your app. The interesting turn of event here is that this application consists of thousands of radio stations that are freely available on the internet allowing you to stream through live channels and enjoy music, news, or any other type of information that is made available on different channels. Other than the live streaming of channels the application provides you with two more features amongst the two feature the first one is to record a radio. This option allows you to record live radio so that you are able to save and listen to them any time you want. Even when you are busy you can still do the same by scheduling a recording.

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The second feature is unique and I believe is known to some which is known as a podcast. For those who do not know what a podcast means. A podcast is a collection of different episodes containing voice only or voice and video on a specific topic and allows you to stream on the internet. Now the interesting part about podcast is that it is firstly, freely available and secondly it allows you to learn whatever you want to in an easier manner allowing you to gain knowledge on the go. Each podcast may or may not be much different from the other one made available on the device. But, it should be understood that these makers of the podcast that you see or hear to are made according to the choice of the creator of these so called audio visual or audio diaries or in easier words episodes.



free channels



Adjust the equalizer as you need



Adjust the equalizer as you need

This application comes with two themes and a selection of a variety of interface that allows you to customize the application according to your own sweet will. The two themes I am talking about here is the dark theme or the black theme an d the second theme is the white theme that allows you to provide a look of elegance to the application and hence change the overall look of the application, but if you ask me the default them which is black is a battery saver and is much more appealing to eyes as compared to the white theme.


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All said and written I would like to conclude that the application Audials is a must download if you love to hear songs or news or any type of information like in the old days. The application has great reviews on the Google Play store which allows the application to gain distinction from the other apps that are available in the market.

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