Trastra Best And Easy Way To Buy Crypto with Credit & Debit Card Instantly Online

Cryptocurrency has changed the digital currency landscape in the world. No one saw the rise of digital money, and it was unexpected for the world to predict the decentralized currency to rise in the ranks. Many new coins have emerged, and you have to invest in a few to prevent another chance to make it big in the ocean.

How to invest in the existing coins and new coins faster?

What is Trastra?

Trastra Dashboard

Trastra is a new-age fintech company hoping to close a gap in an untapped market. Buying, selling, and trading crypto is easy, but it’s a lengthy process. The company created an eco-system for the users to make the transaction smooth, and you can keep up with the market. Users can trade or buy new coins anytime from a smartphone or PC. You get an exclusive Visa card to simplify the crypto purchases. I have mentioned a few key points that make Trastra a unique offering.

Note: The Lithuania-based firm is registered and protected by the laws. There is no chance of getting scammed by any fraudsters out there.

Visa Debit Card

Trastra Visa Card

Trastra offers a Visa debit card for the users, and it has International Bank Account Number (IBAN). You receive money in Euros and make transactions in the local currency. The card exclusively created for the Crypto users, so you can buy or sell the coins at much faster pace. The company made the non-fungible currency easy to buy/sell/trade at fingertips.

The Visa debit card works like any other card, and you can make purchases with it. You can fill up the gas in the vehicle and pay with the card. So there is no drawback in having the debit card issued by Trastra in the wallet. The Visa debit card is available in 31 countries, so you can reap benefits from the Trastra.

Cryptocurrency e-Wallet

Trastra offers an e-wallet for registered users and ensures that you never miss out on buying a new coin. You can have BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, USDC, and USDT wallets. The firm processes 2,000,000+ EUR transactions each month, and the numbers are growing. The advanced algorithm instantly finishes the transaction, so there is no waiting period. You can transfer the coins or sell/buy instantly and it makes the service suitable for businesses.

Secure Wallet

Trastra Connected Devices

Trastra approached BitGo to set up five-layer security measures for the e-wallet. BitGo is a Californian-based digital asset trust and security company. You got the e-wallet secure and never have to worry about theft. The account has Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled to prevent unauthorized access. Of course, the SSL certificate ensures connection security and prevents eavesdropping. You can monitor the number of devices connected with the account. Security is not an issue at Trastra.

Biometric Verification

Trastra Settings

Biometrics is the next-gen verification method, and we have a fingerprint scanner on our smartphones. Almost every Android and iOS devices have fingerprint and Face ID technology. Trastra utilizes a fingerprint scanner on your device to verify the identification to prevent unauthorized access. No one can penetrate the security walls without your consent. The account security lies in your palms.

Control Transaction Fees

Create Wallet in Trastra (5)

Crypto mining is a trend, and millions have set up mining rigs at home. The miners are spending thousands of dollars on the rig and expenses. Of course, you have to pay them a slice from the transaction. Miners make a small chunk from the transactions, and you can control the amount. You can choose the transaction speed from low, medium, and high. You can pay the least amount by choosing a slow transaction speed, and the fee is negligible.

Cash-out Crypto from ATM Machines

Trastra issues a Visa card with IBAN in European countries. You can go to any ATM and cash out crypto in local currency. You don’t have to wait for the e-wallet providers to transfer the amount to the bank. Of course, there is a waiting period for the crypto e-wallet firms to send the earnings. Use the Visa debit card, and withdraw the earned money in local notes.

Bottom Line

Trastra has been around since 2017, and they have strengthened the security, servers, e-wallet system, etc. Now, you have a Visa debit card in your hands to withdraw the crypto currency in local notes at any time. There is no crypto wallet company that has made the transactions and withdrawl easier for the users. Let us know what do you think about Trastra in the comment section below.

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