Increase Sales By Decreasing Effort With WooCommerce Direct With Quick Purchase Button On Single Products

Many Digital Marketing experts in the industry always suggest shopping websites to have a simpler interface for faster check out and sales improvement. Of course, adding quick check out buttons and pages improves user-experience because it won’t give them time for second thoughts. There is a higher chance of not canceling the order after the item is placed for delivery and that’s how human psychology.

What is WooCommerce Direct?

Quadlayers is a WordPress plugin developer that released a premium WooCommerce Direct plugin that offers plenty of online shopping site check out page functions. The concept started when there were no user-friendly check out pages available in the market and it is a leading problem for giving the customer time to think about alternatives. Quadlayers released WooCommerce Direct for online WordPress websites to improve their sales count.

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Quick Product Viewing


Window shopping is a powerful method to increase sales and win over the trust of visitors. Quick viewing enables new visitors to check out the products without opening another page. I consider this feature as an important function to keep the new visitors on the homepage and allowing them to select what they want quickly. The “Purchase” button will add the item to the cart and the “Purchase Now” button redirects the page to the check out page.

Purchase Button

ecom shirt

Now allow the new visitors to purchase an item directly from the homepage. I always suggest the online shopping site founders to not give enough room for the visitors to reconsider their options because you are not as popular as Amazon. Average customers won’t come back to the site if they cannot remember the portal domain and that’s a bothering problem for lesser popular shopping sites. Add the “Purchase” button on the homepage and start selling the products at a faster pace.

Check out page

The whole purpose of the Quadlayers premium WordPress plugin is to provide quick check out, where the new customers don’t have to spend plenty of time to close the order placement. In the billing section, customers can add basic information to begin the order placement.

Site administrators can customize the confirmation page and greet the customers more innovatively. Of course, I recommend the administrators to keep the page simple and provide valuable information on when the product will be delivered.

I wanted to give a quick look at the features that WooCommerce Direct plugin by Quadlayers offering to the WP site administrators.

Customizable Checkout Fields

I’m happy to introduce customizable check out fields for the innovators and start removing the unnecessary fields to make the purchase faster. There are plenty of interesting functions available in the settings and remove Comments, Address, Coupons, and more. There are tons of options available in the settings and explore them for a few minutes to understand how to use these options to improve customer experience.

Optimized Plugin

I switched from a popular Content Management System to WordPress because WP is known to offer highly optimized CMS and plugins. Developers at Quadlayers worked around the WP add-on before they released in the public and they made impressive improvements such as reducing server load.

Of course, the concept of the WooCommerce Direct always been speed user experience and that’s an important feature here. However, the plugin also uses less bandwidth, which opens more room for other tasks.

Packages & Support

Quadlayers added three premium packages to the list and I’m excluding the free package because it doesn’t add value to the freebies. The developers added the free edition for testing purposes and don’t come with advanced features.

  1. Personal – 1 site license ($15)
  2. Agency – 5 site license ($30)
  3. Developer – unlimited sites ($60)

All packages come with 6-month personalized support as a token of appreciation for being a part of the family. There is one more feature called “Site Activation” that allows the WP site administrators to activate the features with zero efforts.

I would have given this add-on 5 out of 5 if they offered a trial version or a limited version for testing purposes to make up my mind on whether I want this on my site or not.

Bottom Line

WooCommerce Direct designed to eliminate the middle process, so the new customers can enjoy shopping and focus more on what they want to order next. The premium add-on does come with perks and offers a stable experience for the new visitors. Let us know what is missing in the Quadlayers solution in the comment section below.

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