How to Write A Great Essay Really Fast?

Writing an essay when you’re pressed for time is not ideal, but sometimes it is necessary. No matter what has led you to a tight deadline, you most likely still want to write a great essay.

Writing a great essay under time pressure can be more difficult than usual, as you may feel stressed and have little time to check. Here are some tips on writing a great essay fast.

Be prepared

Preparation is the key to success. Before you sit down to write your essay, make sure you have all the relevant resources and textbooks you will need. Keeping all resources nearby means you spend less time looking for them, and more time focused on your work.

Besides, you are also likely to feel more motivated if everything is within easy reach. It might also be necessary to prepare your search engine with scholarly articles about the topic to make sure you have enough resources to help you answer your question. Check out samples on the internet for some quick ideas. Use that is trusted by students worldwide. Having an essay example in front of you serves as a great reference for the work that you take up.

Ignore your phone

Turning off your phone and ignoring your social media are two ways to save you time so you can focus on your essay. While it may not seem like much, you’d be surprised at how much time you actually spend aimlessly scrolling your newsfeed.

You should also be aware that spending time focusing on your social media means that it takes even longer to re-focus on your essay. You can easily catch up on all your social browsing when the essay is out of the way.

Pay attention to the question

Writing a great essay requires focus and determination. Even if this is your best work yet, it is of no use if you don’t answer the question. Before you start putting words to paper, read and understand the question.

Make sure you can form a straightforward answer in your mind before you begin writing, and use that answer to ensure you are heading in the right direction. You should also check to make sure you are sticking to the topic, as it is very easy to digress.

Don’t write by hand

The chances are high that you type faster than you write. Unless your instructions state that the essay must be handwritten, type it up right from the start. Typing your essay is not only faster if you are a more practiced typist, but also makes it easier to change things and make corrections.

Writing could also be a problem if you write slowly or if your handwriting is messy. Submitting a great essay that is illegible is of no use to you or your teacher.

Use your notes

It is likely that you have made notes about the essay topic, or say, list of good debate topics when you attended classes. If your notes are well done and have topics ready, they can form the planning of your essay.

Using your notes takes out a step in the essay-writing process, as you already have a framework to build your essay on. Even if your notes aren’t extensive, they can offer a general framework to help you get your thoughts in order, making it easier for you to focus on the topic at hand.


Writing a great essay quickly is possible if you eliminate distractions and make sure you are prepared. Understanding the question and keeping your answer focused also means less time is wasted backtracking and correcting. Since you likely type faster than you write, you should also start by typing your essay, which makes it easier to change and correct as well.

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Elizabeth Skinner is an essay writing pro who’s currently working for an online academic writing service that helps students with work that ranges from term papers to dissertations. She also provides online classes to students wanting to learn the art of writing. In her free time, she writes short stories, watches movies and plays tennis.

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