Mythic+ 15 raids – features and tips in World of Warcraft

Mythic + Raid is a dungeon with the option of endless passage of the already familiar raid, but with an increased level of difficulty and the ability to further increase the difficulty of each dungeon. Players can get to +10, +15 and +20 difficulty levels by completing the raid many times in a limited period of time and enhancing the item needed to complete the raid upon successful completion of the raid – Mythic + key.

To pass the Mythic +15 raid, you need to read a detailed guide describing all the dangers that await the group inside the raid, study the increase in the boss’s difficulty level, new attacks and strengths, what to fear and how to properly prepare and assemble a group of five people with whom You will share the entire reward and experience.

You can also order mythic 15 boost, and you are guaranteed to complete a raid with a group of professional players, where you will get all the drops and experience. The squad will provide you with a Mythic Key if you do not have one, and increase the level of your key to access the next level of difficulty.

World of Warcraft

Selection of classes in a group for successful completion

To pass the mythic raid +15 and above, you will need a well-played and well-equipped group with correctly selected classes.

Fortunately, the issue of equipment is solved by completing raids of lower complexity to knock out class equipment, and gradually your squad will be equipped enough to complete +15 raids.

The composition should include:

The tank is the defender of the group and the character on whose shoulders will fall the acceptance of all kinds of damage and debuffs that the boss and minions have in their arsenal.

Healer – a healer with the ability to resurrect, remove negative effects, heal and spells that increase regeneration without high mana costs.

AoE DPS – a character that can deliver massive attacks and quickly destroy minions that surround bosses. A mage or archer is perfect.

Strong DPS on one target – a warrior who can consistently deliver strong damage to the boss and strong minions and take pressure off the tank is perfect.

DPS on the boss – a Warlock will do, or a Dagger – a Unit that can do a lot of damage on one target. The warlock uses debuffs and dots that complement and reinforce each other, so dungeons with a lot of minions will cause a lot of damage to the boss. The dagger hits harder in the back, so with skillful actions, the boss’s HP will quickly decrease for the tank.

World of Warcraft

The beginning of the Mythic + 15 raid and basic tips

Before starting the raid, check the distribution of the character’s talents, the presence of auxiliary potions and other useful items. Talents cannot be redistributed inside the raid, even with a special reagent.

To enter a Mythic+ dungeon, the leader must select the appropriate difficulty level. To enter and start a level, one of the players must have a Mythic Key, which drops from the bosses below the level, or from the Challenger chest.

To understand that you did not make a mistake with the difficulty level and did not launch a regular raid, there should be an altar for interaction in the center of the room.

Any player presents a Mythic Key, which will start the preparatory phase and turn on the clock.

For the raid to be considered successful, the group must complete the dungeon and defeat the boss within the allotted time, or faster.

In case of defeat, do not worry – you can try to pass, or replay any raid as many times as you wish – you only need a Mythic + key to enter, otherwise there are no restrictions.

Each Mythic+ level raid brings chests with a reward corresponding to the game class that participated in the passage of the dungeon.

The level of knocked out equipment is 281 and higher, depending on the level of difficulty. Therefore, if you and the squad do not have enough boost to pass the current difficulty level – roll back, pass the difficulty below as many times as necessary to equip each player in the squad to the desired level of equipment and weapons.

You will immediately notice an increase in your strength even on dungeons below the level, which you will go through much faster.

If the group once again breaks their own record for killing the boss during the course of the raid, then two random players will receive additional rewards as a reward.

All rewards other than class rewards can be traded and sold if necessary, but since the primary purpose of dungeons game is to improve the equipment of players and make them stronger as a reward for perseverance, the main drop will still be to strengthen each player and group so that the squad can increase the level of difficulty and reach +20 mythic raid.

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