Make SEO Friendly Recipe Cards With Schema Support Using Free Zip Recipes WordPress Plugin

Millions of WordPress category falls under Blogging and it is an excellent platform for spreading a word about a product or a service. The cuisine of a specific country does add greater value to the tourists. Learning to cook new foods every day for Lunch and Dinner is a pleasant feeling. One search can find thousands of new recipes for families and making it SEO friendly is another important aspect as well.

Several sites go unnoticed because it lacks SEO elements that required a search engine to read & understand the site. Now, you got a plugin specifically designed for writers and SEO manager. Following a simple interface, you can make a visual-friendly content and Search Engine BOTS can read the content without suffering.

What is “Recipe Cards for Your Food Blog from Zip Recipes”?

Recipe Cards plugin

I had the same feeling after reading the title of the WP plugin, but do not judge it by the name. Zip Recipes is an SEO-friendly WordPress add-on that creates an environment for the readers to comprehend the recipe smoothly.

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The algorithm makes it easier for the Search Engines to crawl the site with ease, and it increases the chances of ranking on number one position. The founder of the add-on offering a free versionto the masses that cover up needed features.

Of course, if the WP administrators love the add-on, then there is a premium version available to speed up the process. I want to inform the readers that it is not a separate editor and the plugin designed for Gutenberg editor.


Instead of going through the features in detail, I will cover features and then a quick demonstration of the add-on, so you can make up your mind.

  • I already mentioned that it provides SEO Friendly function such as Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, Rich snippets, recipe markup (JSON-LD) and more.
  • The entire layout builds for covering recipes only and it provides better visuals, explanation, and follow-up. You can add text-based instructions with images as well, printing option, modification of each element, and in-depth information about cooking time & ingredients and more.

recipe cards wp

  • The new text editor Gutenberg compatibility is not an issue because Zip Recipes acts as an in-built function. The in-built function offers stability, so do not worry about incompatibility and new navigation. The interface follows the traditional navigation, so it wouldn’t consume more than two minutes to figure out everything.
  • Written or received a recipe in MS Word or PDF format? Don’t worry you can copy as it is with the help of this free version of the plugin.

  • The add-on supports advertising networks, and there are no compatibility issues with ADS as well. Many add-ons do not function properly with Google AD codes and advertising networks.
  • The front end looks responsive in all the devices and follows all the guidelines set by Google mobile first indexing


I did not cover all available features in the free version & premium version because the readers cannot comprehend the value of it until they give it a shot. Of course, I will demonstrate the plugin functions on my blog, and it is a beacon of encouragement for the readers to try it.

How to use Zip Recipes on WordPress Site?

The navigation does not feel odd at all and the native interface allows the administrators to figure out options & functions in a few moments. You can download the file from the official site or install it from the in-built store.

Step 1: Create a new post in the WP Dashboard. Instead of posts, you can select a new page as well and it will work on the text-based section.

Step 2: In the Gutenberg editor, click on the + icon to view more options. In the drop-down menu, select Widgets and then click on Zip Recipes icon. In the classic editor, you can find a dedicated icon in the left sidebar and you can take a quick look the Zip Recipes icon to find it quickly.

Step 3: A new element will show-up on the screen and start constructing the content for better SEO.

Unfortunately, I could not show the advanced features that make the food content look better on the screen. The premium package offers advanced features and a lot of them are missing in the free version.

Bottom Line

The administrators can purchase a license for (Friend) $39, (Lover) $89 and (Lover plus) $149 on the official website. I recommend the readers to go for the premium version because the free version does not add a lot of value as the premium features are missing. Let us know what do you think about Zip Recipes in the comment section below.

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