How to Fix ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ Error in Windows: Breaking the Queue:

When a device stops printing in the midst of a print job, the print job becomes stuck in the queue. A sudden power outage, low ink, running out of paper, a paper jam, or interference from external firewall software are a few potential reasons for this.

You may either follow the manual troubleshooting procedures below, or our Virtual Assistant can assist you with clearing your queue if you are using a different operating system.

Every computer system must be able to print, yet sometimes users run into annoying problems like Windows’ ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ message. Users are left confused about how to fix this mistake since it stops the printing process.

There are now a few methods of troubleshooting that may effectively deal with this issue and fix your printer so that it works again.

This comprehensive guide will help you solve the ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ issue on Windows by walking you through each step step-by-step.

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‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ Error:

Prior to exploring potential solutions, it is crucial to understand the underlying cause of the ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ issue. This problem typically occurs when a print job becomes stuck in the print queue, preventing it from finishing subsequent jobs.

There might be a number of reasons for this, such as incompatible printer settings, corrupt print spooler files, problems with printer drivers, and network problems. Explore the many fixes available for the ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ issue.

  • Remove Print Job

The first step in resolving the issue is to terminate the stalled print job. To accomplish this, locate the print queue in the Control Panel, select the problematic task, and delete it. This typically helps and permits the continuation of additional print jobs.

  • Restart Spooler

You may need to restart the Print Spooler service if halting the print job isn’t successful. This service manages print tasks, although occasionally it runs into issues. To restart Print Spooler, locate it in the Services pane an.

  • Clear Spooler Data

Occasionally, the ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ problem might be caused by corrupt print spooler files. You can remove these files from the folder they are stored in on your computer to resolve this. Restart your computer after that to ensure that everything functions properly once again

  • Update Drivers:

Windows printing issues are sometimes brought on by outdated or mismatched printer drivers. Printing will improve and compatibility difficulties can be resolved by updating them to the most recent version. The printer manufacturer’s website has the most recent drivers, which you may download and install on your PC.

  • Verify Connectivity:

Print jobs may become blocked if there is an improper connection between your computer and printer. Verify if your printer is connected wirelessly, via a network connection, or via a USB cable inserted into your computer. To resolve any connection problems, you should also verify the network settings on your printer and restart your computer and printer.

  • Reset Printer Settings:

Resetting your printer to its original configuration will occasionally fix printing problems. Turn off, disconnect, wait a few minutes, plug in again, and then turn on your printer again to do this. This can resolve any short-term issues with the system of your printer.

  • Utilize Troubleshooters

Troubleshooters are a set of tools that come with Windows that may be used to identify and resolve a variety of issues, including printer difficulties. The Printer Troubleshooter may be accessed through the Settings menu or by typing “Troubleshoot” into the Windows search bar. It may be used to identify and resolve the cause of the ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ fault.

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Easy way for “How to Fix ‘Print Job Stuck in Queue’ Error in Windows”

Now, are you still unsure on how to resolve the Windows error “Print Job Stuck in Queue”? Therefore, it’s easy to follow these easy instructions for the

Step 1: To access the Services window, type services into the search bar and select the precise result.

Step 2: Find the Print Spooler service and choose Stop by double-clicking on it.

Step 3: To view the papers that are presently in the printer queue, open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS.

Step 4: Select each of these files, and then remove them.

Step 5: Return to the Print Spooler service window. To restart it, double-click this service and select Start.

The document that was trapped in the print queue has now been resolved.


Users can restart printing without any more interruptions by identifying and addressing the error’s primary cause by following the instructions provided in this guide.

Hopefully, your printer is now able to function flawlessly. If, however, none of the aforementioned solutions resolve your printer being stuck in a queue, please ensure that your printer is successfully connecting to your computer or smartphone by USB or wireless.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

Q.) How do I get a print job out of my queue?

You may use the Control Panel or System Tray to enter the print queue and remove a stuck print job from it. Find the print job that’s giving you trouble, then right-click on it and choose “Cancel” or “Delete.”

Q.) How do I clear print queue error?

Restarting the Print Spooler service, cancelling any stalled print jobs, and making sure your computer and printer are connected properly are all necessary steps in clearing a print queue problem. Print queue issues can also be fixed by removing any damaged print spooler files and upgrading printer drivers.

Q.) How do I fix Windows print queue?

The first step in resolving print queue problems in Windows is to terminate stalled print jobs. Try restarting the Print Spooler service via the Services panel if that doesn’t work. To fix print queue issues, clean up any damaged print spooler files, update printer drivers, and make sure the printer is connected properly.

Q.) How do I delete a print job stuck in my queue Windows 10?

In Windows 10, you may use the Control Panel or System Tray to enter the print queue and remove a print job that has been stuck. Find the print job that is stuck, then use the right-click menu to choose “Cancel” or “Delete” to take it out of the queue.

Q.) Why do print jobs stay in queue after printing?

For a variety of reasons, including print spooler difficulties damaged print spooler files, out-of-date printer drivers, or issues with printer-computer interface, print jobs may remain in the queue after they have finished printing. By guaranteeing smooth printing operations, clearing the print queue, restarting the Print Spooler service, and upgrading printer drivers can assist alleviate this issue.

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