How can you indulge in gambling with Zimpler?

Zimpler is the mobile wallet founded for the ease of online casino gamblers. Zimpler privileges you with the easy use of withdrawals and deposits of money. Fortunately, there are online casino gambling sites adopting the use of zimpler. The best part about zimpler is that it is implemented under the Swedish Financial Services Authority regulation, the body which regulates and manages banks in the Scandinavian country.

Now you might think of it like other online payment methods, no, it is not like that….

You don’t need to create an account with zimpler, meaning that your account will automatically be created once you pay for online casinos via zimpler. Below mentioned are the steps that you can go along with while you are using Zimpler:

  1. Log in to your favorite casino site and go to the cashier option. Choose the option of zimpler for payment purposes to proceed with the best zimpler casinos.
  2. Now choose which service you want to proceed with: bill, bank, or card.
  3. Enter your mobile number for a verification code through SMS and confirm your payment.
  4. Once you have successfully paid your amount, your zimpler account will be created automatically. The next time you make a payment, all you need to do is enter your mobile number and confirm.

Benefits of Zimpler

casino zimpler

Easier Access

Zimpler follows simple and easy access steps, making your browser available for it. You do not require to download any application for the online casino zimpler app.

Track Financial Activities

Zimpler offers you a contented way to access your profits, expenses and losses. You can track a note of your budget with Zimpler and make the best use of it by understanding the profits, losses and all the available trends.

Free Deposits

Money depositing makes you think of your last penalty? Well, zimpler is something that is superior to all other payment methods especially made to ease your online casino games. You can enjoy most of your gambling winnings without any charges, so grab your online casino site and indulge in gambling as long as you like.


Zimpler comes into the use of the public with the approval of the Swedish Financial Services Authority (FSA). This means that you can blindly trust the application, which keeps your banking standards safe, secure, and protected.

Necessities for using Zimpler

To be able to use zimpler for online casino deposits, you need to have:

  • Residency of Finland, Sweden, or Germany
  • have a bank card issued/approved by a bank in Sweden, Finland, or Germany
  • A registered mobile number in any of these places- Finland, Sweden, or Germany

You should also note that you don’t need to open an account for zimpler online casino deposits.

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