How To Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot Times PC And Laptop

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems available everywhere around the world. Even though it is used by so many people doesn’t mean that the operating system is absolutely perfect in all its ways. We all have used for Windows 10 devices and have come across the same problem. As your device

How To Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Losing Data

Doing a factory reset on your devices is usually a huge decision that needs to be taken with a cool and calm head. Over the years we have seen that Windows devices tend to slow down and finally glitch out to a point where the operating system is basically of no use. So if you

Windows 10 safe mode When and why you should use it ?

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system that is available to the common public today. Almost all the laptop that are manufactured except Apple come with Windows pre installed in them. Even some Apple devices use Windows 10 with the help of boot camp. Because windows is so widespread and easy to

What Is DSMSVC And How To Stop It | Cut Your High CPU Usage

Microsoft developed Windows OS for the masses to run on any available machine. The compatibility of the Windows operating system is undeniably good and smooth in several scenarios. The software company developed several new elements for the future generation, and they have added it to the latest edition. However, we come across some of apps

4 Things to Consider to Secure Your Healthcare IT Network

You may well be knowledgeable in the healthcare industry, and you may well know how to run a healthcare business. However, what many healthcare entities overlook is the security of their IT network. This has caused many healthcare entities a lot of problems in the past, and some have even had to close their doors

Reasons why every small business needs a data recovery plan

Almost all business owners have put up strict precautionary measures to prevent risk and financial loss. In the same way, they should be as aggressive to the matter of securing their data, in light of the modern online digital world. It is why an in-depth backup and disaster recovery plan is necessary to help combat

Enable or Disable Text Suggestions for Hardware Keyboard in Windows 10

Virtually every mobile phone’s operating system supports text suggestions helping us type quickly and easily without having to type it all out. Auto Correction and Auto Suggestions has been available on Windows’ touch keyboard since the launch of Windows 8 on computers and tablets with a touch screen, but however, there was never any text

Convert DVD to Digital File with Best Free DVD Ripper

Today, we are living in the digitized world watching movies on our phones and tablets. You should consider converting the content of your favourite DVDs to digital to watch them on digital media. You may lose the DVDs or they can even be broken or scratched. So it’s better to act in advance to safeguard

How To Enable Or Disable Windows Sandbox In Windows 10 Laptop, PC, Surface Pro, Studio

Sandbox is a feature that Windows 10 and Mac OS X security programs have it the computer. Windows Defender offered by Microsoft for the registered copy of operating system. The Defender offers basic protection against online threats. Microsoft Security Essentials enable the feature in Win 7, Win 8 and above versions. The older version comes with spyware

Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x80240fff For PC, Laptop, Surface PRO, Studio

One very important task to do in Windows 10 is updating the operating system as you will find many security patches, bug fixes, virus, and improvement of overall performance of your operating system. Let us see some beneficial solutions for fixing Windows 10 error code 0X80240FFF. This particular error code will not just block the